Roots vacuum pump selection

According to experience, we can understand that Roots vacuum pump is characterized by the highest at lower inlet pressure with a higher pumping rate, but it can not be used alone, it must be in the exhaust port in series The front stage vacuum pump is pre-pumped until the pressure in the system being pumped is pumped by the front stage vacuum pump to the start inlet pressure allowed by the Roots vacuum pump. In the product selection, we should pay attention to the relevant selection. Roots vacuum pump First, the process conditions Question: How to choose a process application: According to the process conditions you can initially determine the type of pump used as the Roots vacuum pump front-stage pump, Roots vacuum pump front-stage vacuum pump is generally oil-sealed mechanical pump or Liquid ring vacuum pump as the foreline pump. If the process is not pumping gas containing a lot of water vapor and a large number of condensable or corrosive gas, the general front-stage pump oil seal should be the preferred mechanical pump, this configuration is the best economy. However, many applications in industrial applications are not so ideal for many applications where it is necessary to remove gases that contain large quantities of water vapor and contain large amounts of condensable or corrosive gases. Second, the process parameters of the problem: 1. Exhaled gas physical and chemical properties. 2. No-load system requirements of the ultimate vacuum, process requirements of the working pressure 3. Operating temperature 4. Pumping volume, process load 5. Working pressure to reach the expected pumping time. Depending on the process parameters, you can determine the type and size of the main pump, as well as the option of a suitable forepump. Third, the choice of the main pump method: In the design of a set of easy-to-use, reliable work of the vacuum system, the selection of the main pump can not only pursue one of the indicators must be based on different conditions of use, process requirements in many aspects to be considered. Roots vacuum pump is evolved from the Roots blower evolved, it is mainly with the industrial development, in many vacuum system applications, in order to improve the pumping efficiency of the vacuum system, shorten the extraction time, or in a large amount Deflation of the vacuum system to maintain a more constant vacuum conditions, usually require the vacuum pump in the 1333--1.3Pa pressure range with a larger pumping speed, to meet such process conditions, the use of other forms of mechanical vacuum pump is difficult , Even if barely meet the requirements of such use, it is not economical, therefore, Roots vacuum pump is adapted to such industrial applications are widely used. Related articles: Dry-type screw vacuum pump selection slide valve vacuum pump selection

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