Dry screw vacuum pump type and model Daquan

According to the requirements of the production process and the market supply, according to the technologically advanced, economically reasonable and applicable principles of production, as well as the feasibility of the product, the ease of maintenance, the operation Convenience and energy supply requirements, such as investigation and analysis to determine the type of equipment. The following describes the main types of dry screw vacuum pump models: Dry Screw Vacuum Pump Model: LG - 30; its maximum pumping rate: 30L / s; ultimate pressure; 0.3mbar; motor power: 4kw; suction port diameter: DN40mm; Exhaust port diameter: DN40mm; Gear chamber oil consumption: 1.3l; Cooling water consumption: 120L / h; Noise: 82dB; Weight: 260㎏; Model: LG - 70; Maximum pumping rate: 70L / s ; The ultimate pressure: 0.3mbar; Motor power: 7.5kw; Inlet diameter: DN50mm; Exhaust port diameter: DN50mm; Gear chamber oil consumption: 1.3L; Cooling water consumption: 210L / h; Noise: 85dB; 370 ㎏; Model: LG-180; Maximum suction rate: 180L / s; Ultimate pressure: 0.05mbar; Motor power: 18.5kw; Inlet diameter: DN100mm; Exhaust port diameter: DN50mm; 4.0L Cooling water consumption: 600L / h Noise: 85dB Weight: 370㎏ With the continuous improvement of science and technology, vacuum technology is constantly developing and improving. The face of environmental pressures and new technology applications, the type of vacuum pump equipment has become a new challenge! The original large-scale promotion and application of water ring vacuum pump, rotary vane vacuum pump in the new technology, the pressure of new environmental requirements, will be gradually replaced by dry-type vacuum pump. I believe in the future dry screw vacuum pump will be the main equipment. Related articles: Dry screw vacuum pump advantages and disadvantages Dry screw vacuum pump features

Anti-magnetic: Because the ceramic bearing is non-magnetic and does not absorb dust, it can reduce the early peeling of the bearing, noise, etc., and can be used in demagnetization equipment. Precision instruments and other fields.
 Insulation Due to the high resistance of ceramic bearings, it can be protected from arc damage and can be used in various electrical equipment requiring insulation.
 self-lubricating characteristics Because of the unique oil-free self-lubricating properties of ceramic bearing materials, in the ultra-high vacuum environment, it can overcome the problem that ordinary bearings can not achieve lubrication.
High-speed ceramic bearing has the advantages of cold resistance, small elasticity, high pressure resistance, poor thermal conductivity, light weight and small friction coefficient. It can be applied to high-speed spindles of 12000 rpm/-75000 rpm and other high speeds. In precision equipment;

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