LED lighting quality exposure: Jiangmen sampling 30% of the risk of electric shock

LED lighting quality exposure: Jiangmen sampling 30% of the risk of electric shock

Yesterday, the city's Consumer Council announced to the media that in June of this year, it would compare the results of random sampling and testing of the four kinds of energy-saving lamps, led lamps, laundry detergent and washing powder on the Jiangmen market. The results showed that the total test rate of this comparative test product was 70%; among them, the pass rate of energy-saving lamps was 70%, the pass rate of led lamps was 70%, the pass rate of detergent was 100%, and the pass rate of detergent was 100%.

In June of this year, the staff members of the Consumer Council of Jiangmen City purchased 10 batches of energy-saving lamps, 10 batches of led lamps, 10 batches of laundry detergent, and 10 batches of laundry detergent as random consumers in major shopping malls and supermarkets in the urban areas. The sample was commissioned by the Jiangmen City Quality Measurement Supervision and Testing Institute to conduct a comparative test.

According to the results of the city’s Consumer Council’s announcement, in this inspection, there were 1 products that were marked as unqualified (led ceiling lights); 2 products that failed to be interchangeable (1 energy-saving lamp and 1 led bulb) );Accidental contact with live parts protection 1 product(led bulb);Products with unqualified mechanical strength 1 (energy saving lamp);Insulation resistance and dielectric strength after wet treatment There are 1 models (led bulbs); heat-resistant, fire-resistant and trace-resistant unqualified products have 1 (led ceiling light); lamp power unqualified products have 2 (energy-saving lamps); initial luminous efficiency / luminous flux There are 1 substandard products (energy-saving lamps); 2 substandard products (1 energy-saving lamp and 1 led bulb); 2 substandard products (energy-saving lamps), others The project did not find a failure.

According to reports, from the analysis of energy-saving lamps and led lamps in this inspection, the use of unqualified products may result in the risk of electric shock and personal injury.

How to buy energy-saving lamps, led lights?

The city’s Consumer Council reminded consumers that they should purchase goods with the “ccc” safety certification mark. Because of the safety-certified products, their raw materials and finished products have undergone necessary inspections, and their quality is relatively guaranteed. In addition, when consumers purchase energy-saving lamps and led lamps, they must check the integrity of the information on the packaging and the certificate, especially the manufacturer's name, model specification, etc., and also check whether the manufacturer's name is on the logo of the product. Model specifications, etc., can also be submitted to the merchant to view the relevant inspection report and certificate.

The Consumer Council also suggested that consumers should buy products with a certain reputation; because these manufacturers have higher technical strength and higher level of manufacturing technology, they have higher quality assurance and good reputation.

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