Indoor Cabling Requirements for Selecting Cables

As a transmission medium for integrated wiring system engineering, optical fiber cables have a wider range of applications and continue to meet people's needs for information and communication networks. Since the environment in the room should be quite special, while indoor fiber optic cables maintain very good flame retardancy, mechanical properties, and light transmission characteristics, they must also meet the requirements for toxicity, corrosion, and low smoke in the standards. Here's how to tell you how to meet the indoor cabling requirements.
In the integrated cabling system, the floor of the optical cable in the vertical system is elevated, the narrow space application of the communication cabinet in the horizontal system, and the application of the optical fiber to the desktop, and the communication application traversing the high-pressure gas-filled space impose different requirements on the indoor optical cable. Therefore, the choice of indoor fiber optic cable should be extremely cautious.
At present, most of the indoor optical cables use tight-fitting optical fibers or single-core cables as the basic units. Aramid yarns are reinforced and soft optical cables with flame-retardant or non-flammable jackets are used. Its advantage lies in that the tight sleeve is combined with the optical fiber to provide good mechanical protection, so that the optical fiber exhibits good compression and bending resistance when terminated, good flexibility and toughness, and a small bending radius; Good environmental protection, improve the service life of the optical fiber.
The tight-fit optical fiber also provides excellent moisture protection; the tight buffer layer is easily stripped to the fiber core; compatible with all standard connector types; simplifies termination procedures and reduces termination costs. The tight fiber optic design and the flame retardant or non-flammable jacket make the indoor fiber optic cable fully meet the requirements of indoor safety applications. Therefore, indoor high-performance communication transmission applications generally use indoor optical fiber cables tightly designed.
In the integrated wiring, we generally use two kinds of optical cables: vertical lifting cable and ratproof cable.
Vertically lifting the optical cable: After the optical cable enters the building, it is necessary to provide connection between the entrance equipment, equipment room or computer room and communication cabinets on different floors, which is called "vertical wiring system". At this time, the optical cable is mostly located in the vertical pipeline of the shaft between the floors. For this reason, optical cables need to withstand greater tensile forces.
Rodent-proof cable: single-core or multi-core tight-jacketed fiber optic cable protected by stainless steel hose, which has the advantages of strong lateral pressure resistance, bending resistance, high tensile strength, and excellent rat-proof performance. It can be used for occasions where trampling takes place, for example, laying under carpets or limited space where frequent bending or rodent damage is required.

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