Maintenance of cutting machine Dongguan Houjie Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd.

Maintenance of cutting machine Maintenance of thick and heavy cutting machine in Dongguan Houjie Dongguan Houjie Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd.

First, the cutting machine maintenance points:


1. The cutting machine platform should be wiped clean frequently, and the lubricating oil should not be touched to avoid the cutting matter and affect the appearance of the finished product.

2, the cutting board can not be left with debris, or contaminated with oil, it is best to clean every day to keep it clean.

3, add lubricants should be careful not to touch other parts, if it must be wiped clean.

4. After using the cutting machine, be sure to clean the surroundings to keep the machine clean.

Second, maintenance methods:

1. When using the machine, pay attention to whether the oil in the oil pot still has a display. If it is not displayed, it means there is no lubricating oil. Please add the lubricating oil.

2. When the lubricating oil is sent to the four sliding shafts, just swing the handles back and forth.

3. It is recommended to use “R-68#” circulating oil for circulating oil. The circulating oil should be used for half a year, and new circulating oil must be replaced. Change it once a year.

4. Start after long-term shutdown → lubricate four sliding shafts.

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