2014 Hainan Green Home Expo 掀 Hainan Home Hot Sale

With the arrival of “Golden September and Silver 10”, the home improvement building materials industry is about to enter the annual sales season. Supported by Haikou City Convention and Exhibition Bureau, Hainan Lantuo Exhibition Co., Ltd. jointly sponsored the “2014 Hainan Green Home Furnishing Expo” to be held at Haikou HNA Culture Plaza from October 24th to 26th. Nearly 10,000 square meters of exhibition area, hundreds of home improvement building materials exhibitors, more than a thousand kinds of new products display, tens of thousands of gifts, and other large-scale home improvement events will start, it is the best time for each decoration owner.

2014 Hainan Green Home Expo

Brand effect, the process of exhibition is rampant

It was more than a month before the opening of the exhibition, but the booths were hot and the bookings were hot, and the market response was overwhelming. Since the second half of the year is the traditional decoration season, attending the exhibition means taking the lead in seizing the market, and the brand merchants also hope to achieve good sales performance at the exhibition while promoting brand communication.

It is reported that at present, Huajiao taste decoration, Fumantang decoration, Yijiaxin decoration, Ou Liya decoration, Baroque floor and other home improvement industry giants have confirmed their participation. At that time, there will be many brands dedicated to the show, and the hot new products will also be on the scene. It can be said that the lineup is strong. The exhibition cooperates with the brand merchants to create a “fine” and “excellent” brand exhibition, which has become one of the hot spots of Haikou citizens.

Quality of quality exhibitors are guaranteed

Different from previous exhibitions, in order to ensure the integrity index of the exhibition, Jiabo will conduct strict screening of exhibitors, and the brand promises that all prices are not higher than the price of the same period, and the legitimate rights and interests of consumers are guaranteed. Do not blindly pursue the specifications of the exhibition, accumulate buyer resources, and maximize the quality and benefits of exhibitors' participation. According to the characteristics of the industry, the exhibition schedule is carefully arranged so that the exhibitors can use the exhibition platform to expand the income during the golden period of ordering, so that the exhibitors can participate in the exhibition and let the consumers pay their attention.

At that time, the home fair will let the merchants and consumers know the progress of the exhibition through various publicity channels through newspapers, websites, WeChat public platform, radio and other media, and directly provide the full-time, diversified and three-dimensional timely news. , online and offline to protect the autumn decoration.

2014 annual peak season maximum concession year maximum profit

In this year's home fair, the organizing committee will also jointly launch all the home improvement enterprises and building materials dealers to launch the 2014 peak season profit concession storm. Many exhibitors said that the time node chosen by Hainan Home Expo is at the right time. At that time, the latest and best products will be launched, and the biggest preferential efforts will be made to focus on improving the brand's reputation, image and sales throughout the year. According to estimates by veterans in the industry, participating in such activities as the home fair, home decoration design, complete materials booking, each household can easily save about 30,000 yuan. Let consumers who come to the exhibition be able to solve the problems in the home in one stop.

Home building materials information

In addition to the organization of professional visitors (online registration, email, telephone, and distribution of quality home improvement building materials coupons), the organizing committee also strengthened cooperation with multiple channels to implement linkages with large appliance stores and home building materials stores; 200,000 Zhangjiahui tickets are distributed in home stores, new delivery houses, similar large-scale exhibitions and group purchase activities; through cooperation with industry associations and media to increase invitations to exhibitors, professional visitors and exhibition promotion, thus ensuring the presence of enterprises and The number and quality of professional visitors.

At the same time, in order to expand the scope of influence of the Expo, the organizing committee also specially edited the 2014 Hainan Family Fair “Meetings” and “2014 Hainan Jiabo Guide Guide” to provide consumers with detailed information. Home improvement reference materials are given to consumers free of charge during the show.

The article was reported by Nankang Home Network.

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