Everyone must know the safe use of electricity

First, what should be paid attention to in electrical decoration in house decoration?

Nowadays, many families who have been allocated housing and some old houses have re-installed the interior of the house in order to be comfortable. Among them, during electrical decoration, such as indoor circuit wiring, switch socket layout, chandeliers, ceiling fan installation, etc., in order to facilitate the convenience, the pursuit of aesthetics, saving materials, and even in accordance with the relevant device regulations, thus burying the hidden dangers. Now we will introduce the main precautions and related requirements to ensure that you will be safe after using your new home and your family will be happy.

1. You should choose an electrician who has passed the examination and has a network access permit to provide electrical decoration for you.
2, the electrical materials used in the decoration must be qualified products in line with national standards, such as wires, switches, sockets, leakage switches, lamps and so on.
3. When the concrete decoration is completed, it should be done:
(1) At the entrance of your home, you must install a leakage protection device that meets the current national standards. Because of the leakage switch, once there is leakage in the home, such as the electrical housing is charged, the human body is exposed to electricity, etc., the leakage switch will trip, thus ensuring personal safety.
(2) When wiring indoors, the socket circuit and the lighting circuit shall be separately routed. The socket circuit shall be a single-strand insulated copper wire with a section of not less than 2.5 mm 2 , and the lighting circuit shall be a single-strand insulated copper with a section of not less than 1.5 mm 2 . line. Large-capacity appliances should be equipped with independent corresponding large-capacity outlets and circuits according to the capacity of the equipment.
(3) In the case of specific wiring, the plastic sheathed wire or other insulated conductors shall be protected by pipes and shall not be directly buried in cement or lime-painted houses. Because the wires directly buried in the wall have been "dead" in the wall, they can't be pulled out and can't be pulled. Once a certain line of damage needs to be exchanged, only the wall surface can be re-routed. When the line is changed, there is no joint in the middle, because the joint is directly buried in the wall. Over time, the insulating tape at the joint will age. Long-term burial in the wall will cause leakage. In addition, the wiring of most homes will not be constructed according to the drawings, and the accurate wiring drawing files will not be saved. When nails are nailed on the wall, it is possible to damage the wires buried directly in the wall without paying attention, or even the nails are nailed. The wire causes a short circuit, which may cause injury or even a fire and electric accident. Therefore, it must be buried in the pipe.
(4), the socket installation height is generally 1.3 meters from the ground height, the minimum should not be less than 0.15 meters, when the socket is wired, the single-phase two-hole socket, the left hole facing the socket is connected to the zero line, the right hole is connected to the phase (fire) Line; for single-phase three-hole socket, the left hole facing the socket is connected to the neutral line, the right hole is connected to the phase (fire) line, and the upper hole is connected to the protection line. It is forbidden to connect the upper hole and the left hole with wires.
(5) The installation height of the wall switch is generally not less than 1.3 meters from the ground and 0.15-0.2 meters from the door frame. The wiring of the switch should be connected to the phase (fire) line of the controlled luminaire or appliance.
(6) When the ceiling fan is installed, the height of the blade to the ground should not be less than 2.5 meters. When the chandelier is installed, when the weight of the luminaire is less than 1 kg, the flexible wire can be used for self-hoisting. However, the flexible wire in the hanging box and the lamp cap must be knotted. When the weight of the lamp exceeds 1 kg, the sling chain and hook should be used. The upper end of the bolt should be connected to the embedded part of the building, and the wire should not be stressed. Second, what is the safety of electricity during the hot season?

Nanjing has a long period of high temperature, and household appliances are used frequently. During the hot season, people sweat more, their hands are often wet, and sweat is conductive. The sweating hands are not the same as the clean hands. Therefore, under the same conditions, the possibility and severity of electric shock when people sweat is more than normal.

Pay special attention during the summer:

1. Do not use your hands to move moving household appliances such as desk fans, washing machines, televisions, etc. If you need to move, turn off the switch and remove the plug.

2. Don't barefoot and barefoot to repair the live lines or equipment in your home. If you must repair with electricity, wear shoes and gloves.

3. For appliances that are frequently used in summer, such as electric showers, table fans, washing machines, etc., take some practical measures to prevent electric shock. If you often test the metal casing with electric pen, install an electric shock protector (leakage switch). Wait.

4. There are many rains in summer and too much water. If you are inadvertently flooded in your home, you should first cut off the power supply, that is, pull off the main switch or fuse in your home to prevent accidents caused by water insufficiency and insulation damage. Secondly, after the power is turned off, the household appliances that may be immersed in water are moved to a place where they are not immersed in water to prevent insulation from being damp and affecting future use. If the electrical equipment has been immersed in water, the possibility of insulation is damp. Before using it again, the insulation resistance of the equipment should be tested with a special shaker. If the requirements are met, the insulation can be dried until the insulation is insulated. Good so far.

Second, learn to see the safe use of electricity signs Clear and unified signs are an important measure to ensure the safety of electricity. Statistics show that many electrical accidents are caused entirely by the inconsistency of the signs. For example, because the color of the wires is not uniform, the phase wires are connected to the casing of the device, and the casing is charged, causing contact accidents.

The logo is divided into a color logo and a graphic logo. Color markers are often used to distinguish between wires of different natures and uses, or to indicate a certain level of safety. Graphic signs are generally used to warn people not to approach dangerous places. In order to ensure safe use of electricity, color and graphic signs must be used strictly in accordance with relevant standards. The standards adopted by China's safety color code are basically the same as the International Standard Draft (ISD). The commonly used security colors are as follows:

1, red: used to mark prohibition, stop and fire, such as signal lights, signal flags, emergency stop button on the machine, etc. are all red to indicate "forbidden" information.

2, yellow: used to mark the danger. Such as "beware of electric shock", "attention to safety" and so on.

3, green: used to mark safety and nothing. Such as "working here", "grounded" and so on.

4, blue: used to mark enforcement, such as "must bring a helmet".

5. Black: The geometry used to mark images, text symbols, and warning signs.
According to the regulations, different colors are used to distinguish the characteristics of the equipment in order to facilitate identification, prevent misoperation, and ensure the safety of the operation and maintenance personnel. For example, the electric busbar, the A phase is yellow, the B phase is green, the C phase is red, and the ground wire of the clear coating is painted black. In the secondary system, the AC voltage loop is yellow, the AC current loop is green, and the signal and warning loops are white.

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