Analysis of Vehicle Video Surveillance Features

With the dramatic increase in the number of vehicles, the market demand for on-board monitoring and management systems has also increased significantly. We mentioned earlier that vehicle-mounted video surveillance will become a trend. Now we talk about what features of the on-board surveillance system make him very popular.

1. Vehicle monitoring function The monitoring center can remotely monitor vehicle video in real time and supports monitoring through various terminals. It mainly includes clients such as PCs, video walls, and mobile phone terminals, and has remote video browsing, remote control, multi-screen monitoring, and multi-screen. Polling, manual recording, video playback and other functions.

(1) The monitoring client monitoring center is connected to the telecommunication IDC computer room via a dedicated line. The client can perform video browsing and camera PTZ control of each monitoring point.

(2) The large-screen video wall can be installed with a network video decoder, which can decode and decode the digital signals collected from the front end into images and sounds and transmit them to the TV wall to provide users with centralized real-time display of multi-channel monitoring point images.

(3) 3G monitoring The 3G mobile terminal with built-in monitoring client software enables remote video browsing, remote cloud mirror control, video capture and other functions to meet the needs of customers for remote video viewing and remote emergency command, providing 3G customers with anytime, anywhere video Monitoring service.

2, video storage and playback using a multi-level storage structure, the car has a car hard disk, storage CIF (D1), wireless upload CIF. Car video can be remotely searched and downloaded.

3. On-board alarm linkage The on-board alarm linkage mainly includes an external alarm button, that is, the driver can report an alarm to the monitoring center in the event of an emergency during driving. The second is a two-way voice call.

4, GPS positioning Built-in GPS can track the vehicle's trajectory, can fully understand the operating conditions.

In addition, on-board monitoring has other characteristics. The first is distributed monitoring, centralized management, intelligent setup, and humanized operation. The second is the integrated design of the wireless video server. The system has high reliability. Third, dual-stream technology is used, local video uses D1 resolution, and network transmission uses CIF/QVGA resolution. The fourth method is H.264 compression encoding, which supports multi-channel video access at the same time. Each channel video is 8-10 frames, and the video is more clear. Fifth, wireless network transmission, China Telecom's 3G upstream bandwidth up to 1.8Mbit/s. Sixth, the system has strong expansion capabilities.

It is worth noting that users are now increasingly demanding all-round monitoring. These functions cannot meet customer needs. Therefore, the development of new, versatile, and intelligent vehicle-mounted monitoring products to meet the new needs of users has become a Nowadays important issues for various manufacturers.

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