The balcony was so hot that it hatched chicks! ? How to do summer balcony insulation

Recently, the weather is a hot day. I do n’t want to go to the class that has been exposed to the sun. After finishing my front feet and preparing to go out, I want to ask for leave after stepping out of the house.

get up------------------------------------------------- ---------》 Go out

Looking at the weather forecast, the barbecue mode of Modu will last at least a few days

Then, the editor discovered this news!

What the hell, the fried eggs on the asphalt road can't stop this ghost weather! If you go on like this, the hen will be laid off!

Looking back, we found that it was wrong. Before the hen was laid off, we had to be familiar with it. . . Cooling home is imminent!

After checking various information on the Internet, the editor found that the balcony was the most heated! Basically, as long as the balcony is well insulated, the home can be lowered a few degrees

So how to insulate the balcony? Continue to check the information. . .

The editors found that all the recommended on the Internet are insulation glass and insulation film. Such as this


There is this

. . .

are you kidding me? Is lighting a balcony a problem with such things?

In the end, the editor used his best efforts to collect several reliable solutions and share them with everyone.

-------------------------------------------------- ----------------------

Balcony insulation scheme â‘ : blackout curtain

First, a straightforward picture let everyone understand the effect of shading

10% -20%

This kind of shading is usually called window screen, and it is usually matched with curtains, which is more decorative.


The relatively obscure thick yarn series has a certain barrier to ultraviolet light and daylighting, and the light transmission is still very good

40% -50%

This is more common in commercial occasions such as hotels, but it is thick, but the shading effect is also bumpy

60% -80%

Pulling the curtain can obviously feel the difference between day and night. Due to the dense material of the curtain, it also has a certain warming effect in winter

85% -100%

Such curtains should be very popular with insomniacs

-------------------------------------------------- ----------------------

Balcony thermal insulation scheme â‘¡: climbing plants

Climbing plants will grow along the wall, it looks like a blanket is covered on the wall, it is easy to survive in breeding, and it is the preferred plant for shading and shade.


Firecracker flower

Coral vine

Wisteria flowers

-------------------------------------------------- ----------------------

Balcony insulation scheme â‘¢: balcony living room partition

Nowadays, for the sake of overall beauty and lighting, many people do not create an open structure for the balcony, but they will have various inconveniences in life.

For example, many people begin to take off and cough as soon as they get home. . . Always block privacy

As another example, the heat island effect of outdoor air conditioning is too large, and the hot air is rushing home

The most important thing is the mosquito! Mosquito! Mosquito!

Some people think I ’ll be fine if I close the window. Does the editor want to ask me a question like that?

In summer, the balcony utilization rate itself is not high. Most people just go home and close the doors and windows, and the air conditioner is waiting. But think about it, the house prices are so expensive now, tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of balconies are willing to do so? With good balcony insulation measures, balconies can still play a big role in life. The money spent, the splashed water, and the use of everything that can be used is the original purpose of the decoration, isn't it?

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