All the hygiene problems in life that make you frown, the bathroom space is closed, the air is humid, especially suitable for breeding various bacteria and viruses, we can help you easily within 15 minutes!


on the floor

Use vinegar to remove oil stains on the floor: If there are many dirt, mud and oil stains on the bathroom floor, you can use a rag to dip a little vinegar and gently rub it on the floor, this can easily remove the dirt.

There is a small gap between the bathroom floors, which is a hidden corner of bacteria breeding and dirt. Scrubbing the gaps in the floor with vinegar can be disinfected.


Toilet cleaning

Solution: Coke waste utilization

Don't throw away the rest after drinking cola. You can pour it directly into the toilet. Here, it plays the role of "waste heat".

After a few minutes, use the toilet brush to see if the yellow stains on the toilet wall have disappeared?

The principle will not be analyzed here anyway, you should never forget the second function of Coke.


Corner cleaning or carpet cleaning

The corners around the room or the gap between the carpet and the wall are the most difficult to clean. It is easily moldy. Try to clean with an old toothbrush.

If you encounter more stubborn dirt, remove it with a toothbrush and detergent, then wipe it off with water to keep it dry.

After reading the above hygienic recommendations, is it not more convenient to clean the bathroom in the future?

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