"Chuangyou 31" fills the gap in the application of hybrid rice in cold regions

The reporter learned in Jiamusi's Fujin Agricultural Science and Technology Demonstration Park that the new hybrid japonica rice combination "Chuang You 31" selected by Genesis Seed Industry Co., Ltd. has recently become the first hybrid variety approved by China's third accumulated temperature zone in Heilongjiang, filling the cross The gap that rice is used in cold regions indicates that China's cold hybrid japonica rice technology is leading in the world, and it has fulfilled several generations of "cold hybrid japonica rice seed industry dream".

"'Chuangyou 31' is a strong dominant combination selected from Chong 9A as a female parent and a three-line crossbreeding. It is characterized by large ears, large tillers, high yield and stable yield, excellent rice quality, high taste value, and resistance. Outstanding features such as disease tolerance and cold tolerance, "said Yang Yasheng, president of Genesis.



Lu Yushuang, director of the Heilongjiang Seed Administration, said that in the 2015-2016 two-year regional trial, the average hectare yield of "Chuangyou 31" was 9397.1 kg, an increase of 12.7% over the control variety; the average hectare yield of the production trial in 2017 was 9798.2 kg, which was The yield of control varieties increased by 12.1%. The main characters of the rice quality test results have reached the national high-quality rice level 2 or above, and the individual indicators have reached the national high-quality rice level 1 or above. It is suitable for planting in Heilongjiang province where the accumulative accumulated temperature ≥10 ℃ is 2300 ℃.

According to incomplete statistics from the agricultural department, the annual planting area of ​​rice in the northeastern rice area is more than 5 million hectares, all of which are currently conventional varieties.

On August 26, the person in charge of the Seed Administration of the Ministry of Agriculture who participated in the “Chuang You 31” observation meeting stated that the cold-area hybrid japonica rice “Chuang You 31” observation meeting had obvious advantages in hybrid japonica rice, and the promotion of new japonica hybrid varieties with strong dominant cold areas For application, it is estimated that it can seize 40% of the market share in the next 3-5 years, and it can be promoted about 2 million hectares annually. In the northeastern rice area, the average yield of rice is about 7500 kg / ha. The yield of hybrid japonica rice is calculated by 10% increase. The yield of 750 kg per hectare is increased. The total yield of 2 million hectares of hybrid japonica rice can be increased by 1.5 million tons. The purchase price is 3.0 yuan / kg. Calculations can increase the income of farmers by more than 4.5 billion yuan.

Yang Yasheng revealed that the company has also selected a number of new combinations of excellent hybrid japonica rice, which are participating in various rice trials in Heilongjiang Province. (Reporter Ma Aiping)

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