In-depth interpretation of how the University of Science and Technology's smart home warfare approach works with real estate developers to quickly shake the market

In 2014, under the guidance of Google's $3.2 billion acquisition of smart home manufacturer Nest and domestic policy, the domestic industry chain has been preparing for the outbreak of smart homes for more than a year, and domestic manufacturers have begun to densely arrange smart homes. Since 2015, popular smart home items have emerged, from smart lights to smart speakers, from smart door locks to smart home appliances, but the constantly launched smart home products have not been able to quickly shake the market scale of the smart home market of hundreds of billions. Therefore, the market is more looking forward to system-level, scenario-based solutions. It coincides with the transformation of real estate developers, and the AI ​​boom has once again arisen. What kind of smart home tactics will be used by the intelligent voice leader of the ToB business? Can you join hands with real estate developers to quickly shake the smart home market?
Join hands with real estate developers to shake the smart home market faster
IDC expects that the smart home market will reach $277 billion in 2022 and shipments will reach 939.7 million units. The market of hundreds of billions of dollars allows many giants to actively deploy and promote the development of smart homes. In the United States, thanks to the strong hands-on ability of users, the demand for smart home products such as thermostats and lighting is strong. With the understanding of users' living habits and needs, Cirp survey data shows that in 2017, more than 40 million smart speakers are in use in the United States, and Amazon accounts for about 30 million.
Compared with foreign countries, even in the domestic smart home market, even with the giants such as BAT, Xiaomi and a large number of start-ups, smart lights, smart door locks, smart speakers, smart refrigerators and other single products have failed to promote domestic smart home. The rapid development of the market. The most important reason is that most companies use the Internet's thinking, want to make a single breakthrough, and use the rapid start of a single smart home explosion to drive the development of smart home. However, after a user's needs are met, only the extension and meeting the needs of the scene can promote the development of smart homes faster. This requires a smart home system, but the system is built with interaction, connectivity, compatibility, standards and many other issues. .
Therefore, the development of the smart home market is generally good but slow. At this time, we have seen that important domestic real estate developers including COFCO, Xuhui, Jinmao and Blu-ray are actively embracing smart homes. Zhou Wei, general manager of Xuhui Real Estate, told Lei Feng: "Xuhui Group has been exploring the future of human settlements, and is also vigorously developing intelligence, exploring smart homes and self-contained homes. Xuhui hopes to fly with the University of Science and Technology. The cooperation explores the concept of human settlements, allowing technology to serve people and trying to make the house speak.” Of course, real estate developers embrace smart home and smart community transformation, in addition to the general trend of hardcover delivery, and national policy is advocating enterprises. The transformation of science and technology, especially for companies like real estate developers that are related to the economic lifeline, so the support of policies also makes real estate developers more motivated.
So, can technology companies and real estate developers work together to move the $100 billion smart home market faster from home scenes and smart home systems?
Interpretation of Keda Xunfei's Smart Home Warfare
As the leader of domestic intelligent voice, Keda Xunfei has many international leading achievements in speech synthesis, speech recognition, oral assessment, and natural language processing. At the same time, Keda Xunfei has a deep understanding of B-side business. According to Lei, Keda Xunfei has already reached cooperation with important domestic real estate developers such as Xuhui, COFCO, Jinmao, etc., based on the core technology of voice interaction to promote the development of smart homes with artificial intelligence. Zhou Wei said: "Real estate + smart home is the development direction of real estate in the next 5-10 years. At present, major first-tier cities and quasi-first-tier cities are already in use. Choosing to cooperate with Keda Xunfei will be at the forefront of artificial intelligence. Voice technology has advantages and is close to the needs of users. Another important reason is that our owners and future owners have a very high recognition of the brand of Keda Xunfei. The cooperation with HKUST is hoped to strengthen the joint service owners. Let smart homes land in the home."
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The major achievements of speech synthesis, speech recognition, oral assessment, natural language processing, etc.
From the perspective of the University of Science and Technology, the reason for choosing to work with real estate developers as the entry point for smart homes is that the key to smart homes is the environment with many controlled devices and complex control methods, such as large-scale real estate and long-term rental apartments. In conjunction with the strategy of Keda Xunfei platform + track, Keda Xunfei, who is known for its algorithm, launched the hardware platform MORFEI in 2017. In this regard, the director of the smart home business of the University of Science and Technology, Lu Hao said: "The University of Science and Technology has begun to try very early in the consumer field, including smart Toys and Xunfei translators, the word-of-mouth is very good, and we also jointly launched smart speakers with Jingdong, in C The end market has accumulated a lot of experience. Of course, the Internet of Things and smart home are the major trends, launching the magic flying platform solution, hoping to connect the upstream and downstream and the resources on the platform through technical means to better artificially work in the smart home industry. Smart empowerment."
As for why the Magic Flying platform first chose the smart home track, Lu Hao said: "Almost all companies with natural language interaction core technology are entering the smart home field in the form of smart speakers, including Xunfei, we are optimistic about smart homes. Because natural language interactions provide a better interactive experience in home control scenarios."
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Keda Xunfei Microphone Finished Product Development Program - Magic Flying Platform
According to Lei, the Magic Flying platform released in June 2017 is a development plan for a microphone product developed by Keda Xunfei. The Magic Flying 1.0 integrates a dual-ring eight-microphone array with functions of noise reduction, recognition, and semantics. It can pick up a radius of 5 meters. The effective sound source in the three-dimensional spherical space can be installed on the desktop, wall, ceiling, etc., and can cooperate with the AIUI open platform of the University of Science and Technology to realize more interactive functions and services, and provide rapid development capabilities. Lu Wei stressed: "We have integrated the industry's more advanced 8 microphones, the size of the magic fly is only the size of the fist, very convenient to deploy. In addition, the magic fly supports full-duplex, while listening to the user while still monitoring, and based on the University of Science and Technology Xunfei's core technology of natural language understanding can better understand users. For example, when the user says 'I am hungry', Movus does not answer 'I don't know what you mean', but asks 'Is it hungry to order food for you'."
Xufei Real Estate, the user of Magic Flying, is also very satisfied with Magic Flying. "The size of the magic flying is very small and easy to deploy, and it is very convenient to use. Just plug it into the base to carry out human-computer intelligent dialogue, not only to connect to the AIUI open platform. Linking everything possible, but also providing some intelligent decision-making. Keda Xunfei also provides Xuhui with different colors of the magic flying products, providing comprehensive services to try to meet our needs." Zhou Wei said.
It should be noted that the magic fly adopts the separate design of the base and the microphone. Through the socket connection, not only the deployment is easier and the cost is lower. When the two are physically separated, the hidden danger of the background monitoring can be completely avoided, and the user privacy can be better protected. This is also difficult to achieve with other smart home entry products.
Of course, as a breakthrough product, the magic fly has a satisfactory place and inevitably there are some shortcomings. After receiving feedback from users, HKUST launched a new upgrade and more adaptability at the 518 conference in 2018. Magic Flying 2.0. In addition to optimizing echo cancellation and Bluetooth, Magic Flying 2.0 adds outstanding features such as cloud functions, voiceprint wake-up, distributed and energy tracking, and opens the Magic Fly full-link function interface. For example, “speaking and ignoring people” can judge the identity of the speaker according to the voiceprint characteristics and pronunciation characteristics of different people's speeches, and the user can set the authority through the voice. Magic Flying 2.0 not only wakes up nearby, but also allows skill sharing between different devices, allowing users to freely move voice interactions in multiple spaces, ie if multiple magic flying is placed in different spaces, when the user tries to wake up One of the magic flying, multiple magic flying will pass information and calculations to each other, handed over to the user's nearest magic flying to respond to user wake-up, to achieve a true seamless pickup, multi-room linkage of the whole house intelligent system.
Taking the intelligent lighting system in the home scene as an example, according to the user's living habits, the commonly used home, home, and dining modes are set, and the voice command is sent through the magic fly, and the lighting linkage opens the lights of the passage and the living room. The exit mode can be set to turn off the entire house lighting, or you can control specific lighting area settings. In addition to the lighting system, there will be electric window systems, environmental controls, and multimedia artificial intelligence systems.
There are several important reasons why the advantages of technology can be truly transformed into real estate customers' trust in the University of Science and Technology. Lu Wei said: "The University of Science and Technology has always understood the B-side business and really understand what real estate developers want, such as targeting different real estate developers. The real estate, realizing the customized wake-up words. In the smart home scene, Keda Xunfei has also accumulated a large amount of data, which can enhance the user experience. Also, Keda Xunfei is a leading brand in the field of artificial intelligence, real estate developers. We are also reluctant to change partners frequently, so choosing to work with us is a good choice for strong alliances."
We have reason to believe that the cooperation between Xuhui and Keda Xunfei will become the benchmark for smart home and real estate developers to join hands. More smart home hardcover houses will soon appear in the hardcover of real estate developers such as COFCO, Jinmao and Blu-ray. In the room.
The charm of MORFEI
It is reported that Magic Flying has been applied in home, technology exhibition halls, shopping malls and other scenes, and will also be applied to the professional fields of education, medical and other fields. However, the smart home industry chain is very long, and only relying on the continuous improvement of the magic fly and real estate developers is not enough to meet the needs of the scene to promote the rapid development of smart home. The MORFEI ecological plan came into being. The plan is based on the MORFEI hardware platform and is the industrial chain ecological construction plan of “Marketing Platform + Intelligent Hardware Ecology + Equipment Supplier + Offline Service”.
Lu Wei believes: "The needs of smart home users are the needs of the entire scene. There will be many demands in these scenarios. Such supply and demand can only be met through ecological construction. HKUST will continue to focus on its core technologies. Joint equipment manufacturers, system service providers, system integrators, real estate developers, etc. to create an ecosystem, through the continuous innovation and optimization in the ecosystem to form a cycle."
At present, in addition to the above mentioned real estate developers, smart home solutions provider Crestron, system integrator Shanghai Dongnian, professional equipment manufacturers Siemens, ABB, Schneider, home appliance manufacturers, etc. have joined the MORFEI ecological plan. In addition, Keda Xunfei also found service providers in Beijing, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Suzhou, Hefei, Chengdu, Chongqing and other regions to improve the MORFEI ecosystem.
HKUST News MORFEI Smart Home Ecology Program
Of course, the MORFEI ecosystem still needs more partners to further improve the ecological plan. Lu Hao said that to join our ecological plan, we must first meet the values ​​of HKUST, which is to provide customers with valuable products and professional services. For different partners, Keda Xunfei will also be classified into equipment manufacturers, service providers, end customers, etc. According to different classifications, there will be different authentication mechanisms. Due to the close cooperation, it will be divided into Ordinary, in-depth, strategic partner.
After joining the ecological plan, HKUST will not only provide the most advanced artificial intelligence technology to the developers, but also use the national network marketing platform marketing resources owned by HKUST. The partners can focus on product development. In addition, the University of Science and Technology News is itself a powerful traffic platform, and ecological partners can also get traffic. Lu Hao also revealed that the University of Science and Technology News has its own investment funds, if the partner and the vision of HKUST is very consistent, the product is also very good and will likely get investment.
Not only Magic Flying, but also AIOT
With the continuous addition of MORFEI eco-partners, MORFEI's smart home ecosystem will be improved step by step, but the user's habits have not yet formed, so real estate developers are also mainly for white-collar workers and high-end elites. Lu Hao also pointed out: "The habits of users in the smart home market have not yet been developed, so the current customer demand is driven by customers. The strong cooperation between the University of Science and Technology and real estate developers has promoted the development of the entire industry towards large-scale deployment. At the same time, after the large-scale deployment, the education of mass user habits is completed, and the customer demand will one day lead to heavy demand, and finally promote the development of the whole industry."
Smart home is just one of the many applications of IoT. The data shows that the number of terminal devices is growing rapidly from 2014 to 2018. The number of hardware terminals will reach 1.9 billion in 2018, of which mobile phones account for about 92%, and 8% indicates intelligent hardware. The arrival of the times.
In order to realize the intelligent interconnection of more devices, AIOT was born, called AIOT, because when it comes to artificial intelligence, big data, and cloud computing, it will become more intelligent. This kind of intelligence can be expressed through the connection between devices and devices. Come out, it will also bring new business scenarios and a new user experience. It is reported that Xunfei Xunfei Intelligent Objects AIOT has two capabilities, cloud and fog. These two capabilities are integrated into the PaaS-level development platform, providing developers with AI interfaces and open device connections to create personalized smart scenarios.
The last thing to emphasize is that in addition to the leading voice technology and the magic flying ecology of the University of Science and Technology, the stability of the product will play a key role in promoting the development of smart home and IoT, in addition to the above mentioned Magic Flying. The Xunfei input method of 100 million users has withstood the test of large-scale concurrent calls. The products of HKUST will continue to be characterized by stability and advancement, and work with partners to incite more large markets.
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