Hexaploid wheat genome map completed with participation of Chinese scientists team

"Science" magazine published a research paper online on August 17, showing that the world's first hexaploid wheat genome map was completed. The thesis was completed in collaboration with the International Wheat Genome Sequencing Alliance. Among them, the team of Professor Song Weining, the State Key Laboratory of Crop Stress Biology in Arid Regions of Northwest A & F University, as the only team in China to participate in and undertake substantive research, completed the construction of the 7DL chromosome physical map Sequence deciphering work.

Song Weining said that the construction of wheat 7DL chromosome physical map and sequence deciphering work is a new exploration. There is no experience to follow. Only the size of the 7DL chromosome is equivalent to the entire rice genome. The workload of physical map construction and sequence assembly, analysis and deciphering far exceeds the corresponding rice genome. With the support of the national "863" plan and Other projects, after nearly 10 years of unremitting efforts, the Chinese team finally completed the construction of 7DL chromosome physical map and sequence decoding.

Experts said that the completion of the world's first hexaploid wheat genome map can be said to be a "codebook" for the study of wheat, which will help researchers better grasp the rules of wheat growth and development. Author: JIANG Jian Shi Jian Gong Division

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