Brand wardrobe agent joining 2018

Furniture wardrobes are moving towards diversification and high-speed development. It is an important material that owners have to use, and the market is unprecedentedly prosperous. Therefore, there are a large number of wardrobe brands, so what are the good brands of wardrobe agency joining ? The following is a list for investors to learn from.

Brand wardrobe agent joined-Rafael

Rafael's popularity in the industry is very high, the brand effect has been deeply rooted in the people's hearts, with more than 400 franchise stores, the quality and service of these franchise stores have earned the brand a few reputations again in the wardrobe sales market Has a very high brand awareness.

Brand wardrobe agent joined-Kanoa

Canoa Home Furnishings brand was established in Guangdong Province. It is an integrated comprehensive company with a production base of 200,000 square meters. The factory has an international first-class intelligent production line, which maximizes the quality of products. Products mainly include customized wardrobes, cloakrooms, sliding doors, kitchens, bookcases, etc. All products have E1 level or higher environmental standards, and it is a big brand that allows consumers to buy with confidence and use comfort.

Brand wardrobe agent joined-KEFAN Kefan

The Kefan brand originated in Germany. Since its establishment, the company has always adhered to innovative design as its brand, and has won many awards in products. The company is still in charge of environmental protection in design, and strives to become an international smart home.

Brand wardrobe agent joined-EBERY EBERY

The brand comes from England. Since it was introduced into the Chinese building materials market in 2005, Iberi uses high-quality high-quality plates. The raw materials have reached the European EO level of environmental protection. The hardware is made by Hettich, one of the top ten domestic hardware brands Belle's whole-house custom boutiques are spread over more than 200 cities across the country, and the products are loved by consumers.

Brand wardrobe agent joins--Fantiani Fanstivali

Vatican furniture is a French brand, and its products are sought after in the Chinese market, not only in Singapore, Indonesia and other countries but also in favor. The company's requirements for product quality have strictly reached the EO / E1 level, ensuring the health of consumption, and also bringing the icing on the cake to the overall home effect. It is a representative of a healthy and stylish home environment. Bring joy and satisfaction to the user's life.

Editor's summary: Brand wardrobe agency joining is undoubtedly a huge business opportunity. How can it become a condition for achieving the recognition of franchise manufacturers? The most important is nothing more than two points: one is sufficient funds, and the other is the marketing ability of the market.

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Wardrobe agent joining

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