The advantages and disadvantages of wood flooring

The two most common flooring materials in life, one is wood flooring and the other is ceramic tiles, many people will struggle with which of the two should be chosen, so today I will give you an inventory of the advantages and disadvantages of wood flooring and Six points to pay attention to when buying a floor, let's take a look!

Advantages and disadvantages of wood flooring 1, advantages

Because the wood is natural, his texture is naturally generated, looks very natural and beautiful, without any harmful substances to the human body, pure natural green products, and it is very convenient and simple to process, and the insulation is also relatively Good, can adjust the indoor temperature, the impact and resistance to the human body will be softer than other building materials, especially suitable for the elderly and children to live.

Advantages and disadvantages of wood flooring 2, shortcomings

The wooden floor is made of wood, so it is easy to be bitten by insects. If it is not laid, it will not only have cracks, but it will also make a sound when walking. When carrying out maintenance, when moving large furniture, it is easy to cause scratches on the floor and affect the appearance.

Six points to note when buying a floor:

1. Pay attention to the colored floor

There are a lot of colored floors on the market now. These floors are not only of poor quality, but also often crack and paint explode after paving, so you must pay attention to whether they are colored floors when buying.

2. Pay attention to the notch and thickness of the floor

Usually the notch and thickness are the key to buying a floor. Now the standard thickness of the floor is 18mm. If you choose to laugh or the notch is short, the floor will arch, corrugate or squeak.

3. Pay attention to the quality of the paint

The quality of the paint directly determines the color, grade and service life of the floor. Some manufacturers also add color essence to the paint in order to make the floor look more beautiful.

4. Know the name of the floor

No matter what kind of floor you buy, the manufacturer's contract and the name of the floor on the sales order should be the same, otherwise it is best not to buy it.

5. Negative package products

Many of the floors are now processed by small factories. After packaging, he is made into a self-made brand. This is basically aimed at making money, and the quality and service are not guaranteed. Always check whether there is a factory site on the packing box.

6. Pay attention to after-sales service

After-sales service is a very important part of buying a floor. If you find the floor problem after installation or during the installation process, if the service is not good, you can only secretly suffer.

Editor's summary: The above is the entire content that the editor shared about the advantages and disadvantages of the wood floor and the six major points of attention to buy the floor. I hope everyone can understand the floor after reading it, and will no longer be fooled by the building materials business.

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