Living room partition door installation Feng Shui taboo What materials are used in the living room partition

The living room is not only a place for family members to entertain, but also an important place for meeting guests. Therefore, many people pay special attention to the decoration of the living room. At present, the living room partition door is very popular. It can divide the space of the living room and improve the utilization rate of the living room. So what are the feng shui taboos for installing partition doors in the living room ? What are the materials for the living room partition? Let's take a look with the editor.

1. Installation of Fengshui taboos in the living room partition door

1. Orientation: The location in the northeast and the central location are where the wealth is gathered, so the living room partition door cannot be set at this location, otherwise the wealth will be blocked, which is very unfavorable to the wealth of the occupants.

2. Daylighting: Sunlight is the yang in Feng Shui, and the luck of the residents will be strong, so the lighting of the living room is very important, and it is necessary to maintain the air circulation in the living room. The placement of the partition door in the living room cannot block the light source, which is not conducive to the luck of the occupants.

3. Backrest: From the perspective of feng shui, the space behind the living room sofa cannot be open, and it cannot cause a feng shui pattern without support. Therefore, the living room partition door can be installed in this place, which can not only break the pattern of independence and dependence, but also enable the residents to rise in the workplace.

4. Color: The color of the partition door in the living room should not be too dark. Beige or white can be used, which not only benefits Feng Shui, but also gives people a sense of comfort. If the color of the partition door is too dark, it will give a sense of depression.

Second, what are the materials of the living room partition

1. Red brick: Red brick is not only the simplest, but also the earliest material used as a partition. First of all, after the red brick is built, just put the putty powder on its surface, and then apply the paint with a color similar to other walls. This is in harmony with the whole. Secondly, the partition made of red brick is relatively strong, and it has good sound insulation effect.

2. Gypsum board: The partition made of gypsum board not only saves space, but also the price is very affordable. At the same time, it can be decorated with many kinds of patterns, and it can also show a three-dimensional sense. But the partitions it makes are not strong enough, and the sound insulation is not so good.

3. Cement board: The advantages of cement board combine red brick and gypsum board, so it is widely used by people, but the effect of this material is slightly worse.

Edit Summary: living room partition doors off the living room to install feng shui taboos and material knowledge Xiaobian introduced here. In addition, the partition made of gypsum board should not be placed with heavy objects next to it, to avoid the collapse of the heavy objects and the crush of the partition.

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Expanded Steel Diamond Mesh is another kind of metal screen industry, which is also one of the main varieties of metal plate mesh. Also known as expanded metal mesh, expanded diamond mesh, expanded metal lath, heavy steel plate net, foot net, punching plate, etc. After the steel mesh punching machine processing, the metal plate becomes a mesh with mesh of diamond.

Size: Opening size (mm): 2.5-50mm or according to customers` requirements

     Thickness (mm): 0.5-10mm or according to customers` requirements

Material: High quality low carbon steel plate, aluminum plate, SS plate, titanium plate, aluminum foil plate, nickel plate, galvanized plate etc.

Surface Treatment: Galvanized, spraying antirust paint, anodic oxidation, PVC coated, powder coated

Use: Expanded sheet used for filter, medicine, papermaking, filtering, breeding, cell network, packaging net, mechanical facilities protection, handicraft manufacturing, high-end speaker net enclosures, decoration, child seat, basket, basket and road protection, foot tanker net, heavy machinery and boilers, oil mine, locomotive, million tons of ships such as working platforms, escalators, walkways. It can also be used for reinforcing steel bars in construction industry, highway and bridge. 

Products Structure:

        Expanded Steel Mesh

   SWM: The length of a short diamond diagonal from a node center to a node center
  LWM: The length of the long diagonal line from the center of the node to the center of the node
  SWO: The length of the diagonal of a short diamond
  LWO: The length of the diagonal of a long diamond
  Strand Width: The length of the edge of the diamond - shaped hole
  Strand Thickness: Thickness of steel plate
  Knuckle: Connection points of two mesh holes

Expanded Metal Process

If you are curious about how the process of forming expanded metal mesh, XinZheng is happy to provide you with a step-by-step guide to manufacturing these products on our state-of-the-art equipment.

1.   Sheet or plate is advanced beyond the face of the bottom die in an amount equal to the strand width before flattening. The sheets are then fed into an expanding machine.

2.           The top die then descends and simultaneously slits and cold forms an entire row of half diamonds.

3.           The top die then ascends and moves one half of a diamond to the right as the base sheet or plate moves forward one strand width.

4.            The top die descends, slits and forms another full row of half-diamonds completing a row of full diamonds in two strokes.

5.            The die then ascends and returns to its initial position.

This process then continually repeats until the full sheet of expanded metal is completed. This mesh is then either cut into sheets or rolled into coils for either shipping or additional processing.

Please see the images below to view the expanded metal process:

Expanded Steel Diamond Mesh    Expaned Metal Mesh  Expanded Sheet  Expanded Metal Sheet

Expanded Steel Diamond Mesh

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