What is the decoration of a small bathroom bathroom decoration should pay attention to what the problem

Generally speaking, the area of ​​the bathroom will be smaller than other spaces, and it is an important space in the home. Therefore, the decoration of the small bathroom must master the skills. So what are the tips for small bathroom renovations , and what issues should be noticed in bathroom renovations? With Xiaobian together to understand the next!

What are the tips for small bathroom renovation

1. Planning area

The bathroom is where showers, washings, and toilets are used. Many people like to separate the bathroom from dry and wet to facilitate people's use and improve their quality of life. Therefore, Xiao Bian thinks that the small bathroom can be equipped with shower sliding door or shower curtain, which can not only play a good isolation effect, but also protect people's privacy.

2, select materials

For a small bathroom, sanitary ware must be very practical, such as double towel racks, it looks good, but the actual use is not. Also, glass partitions for cosmetics should be purchased with good quality, so as to avoid unnecessary loss of glass partitions due to excessive weight.

3, choose lamps

Usually the bathroom is in the inner room, plus the area is small, so the light is even worse. Therefore, we must pay attention to buy lamps and lanterns, we must choose the waterproof type of solar wall lamp or explosion-proof incandescent chandelier, to make up for the lack of natural lighting in the bathroom.

4, wash area design

The small bathroom vanities should be small and exquisite, not too much decoration, simple. The mirror is an indispensable equipment. Generally, a square mirror is commonly used. The simple towel rack and washbasin are almost the same height, and they are more convenient and quick to use.

5, storage design

There are many toiletries and daily necessities in the bathroom. If the storage design is not good, it will affect daily use. The small bathroom can hold some multifunctional storage boxes that look beautiful and tidy without being too crowded. Bathroom cabinets can also be set up in the bathroom to store a variety of toiletries. The storage effect is very good.

Bathroom decoration should pay attention to what the problem

1, reserved water circuit

Don't forget to reserve power outlets and waterways when decorating the bathroom. Changing the smart toilet in the late period can easily lead to inconvenience in use.

2. Problems with wall and floor tiles

Before closing the tile for at least 24 hours, take a water-removal test. Look downstairs to see if there is any trace of water leakage. The floor tiles should be aligned with the wall tiles. When paving tiles, it is also necessary to ensure that the brick surface has a water discharge slope of about 1°, and the slope must face the floor drain.

3, dry and wet to be separated

In the end, the bathroom must be separated by wet and dry to prevent splashing of water in the shower. People can not easily slip in the bathroom and keep the bathroom fresh.

Xiao Bian summary: What is the skill of small bathroom decoration , bathroom decoration should pay attention to what the content of the problem is briefly introduced to this, I believe we all understand it! For small bathroom decoration , we must be careful, otherwise it is likely to affect the future use.

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