What is the difference between a single-switch dual-control switch and a dual-control switch?

The switch is one of the building materials products that are indispensable for every family. It not only facilitates everyday life, but also isolates the power source from danger. There are many kinds of switches on the market, such as single control, dual control and so on. So a friend asked, what is a single open dual control switch ? What is the difference between a single control switch and a dual control switch? Let's learn about it together!

What is a single open dual control switch

The single-open dual-control switch has a switch in terms of its meaning. The two sides control, that is, there are two switch buttons on the two control panels. The two switch buttons control a circuit at the same time, such as: the light installed on the stairs, upstairs It can be opened or closed. It can also be opened or closed under the stairs. Can also be installed in the bedroom, so that in front of the bedroom to turn on the lights, to the bedside can turn off the lights, very convenient.

How to connect single switch

Single open dual control switch, there are three contacts behind, respectively L, L1, L2. Use a diagonal pliers to strip the skin. Be careful not to leave too long a thread to avoid touching it. L1 and L2 are connected by two wires respectively. The live wire is connected to the L contact of a double switch, and the neutral wire is connected to the L contact of another double switch. After connecting, pay attention to the wire ends on both sides of the lamp wrapped with insulating tape to prevent leakage. Finally, the left and right wires are connected to the plug to complete the wiring of the entire dual-control switch.

Difference between single control switch and dual control switch :

1. A single control switch is a switch to control one or more pieces of electrical appliances. According to the number of associated appliances, it can be divided into single control single link, single control double link, single control triple link, single control quadruple link and other forms. Such as: the kitchen uses a single control of a single switch, a switch to control a group of lighting; in the living room may install three spotlights, then you can use a single control triple switch to control.

2. Dual-control switches can usually have two switches to control the switch of a lamp or an electric appliance. For example, the switch is turned on when downstairs, and the switch is turned off after going upstairs. Compared to the traditional switch, (upstairs switch, upstairs, but also downstairs to turn off the lights, very troublesome.) More convenient.

Conclusion: The above is to introduce to everyone what is called the single open double control switch and single control switch and double control switch the relevant content of the difference. I hope to bring help to friends in need. Everyone must pay attention to turning off the power and then repairing or installing it. If you need to know more related content later, please pay attention to the information on this site.


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