General balcony decoration how to design ordinary balcony decoration points

There are many places where the balcony will be designed and decorated, but there are different decoration methods. There are more luxurious decoration and ordinary simple decoration, so we have certain decoration skills, but there are also many decoration points in the decoration. then how to design a common balcony decorated it? points ordinary balcony renovated, what does? If you want to know the small series following on from the renovated home network to tell you about it.


First, ordinary balcony decoration

1. If there are more books and documents, you can make a storage cabinet on the wall, and a few simple shelves can be completed, which not only makes the space more clean and clean, but also can decorate and embellish the effect. .

2. If the living room is too small for the living room, consider opening the balcony and packing it into the living room. Then the window sill is transformed into a tatami, as a family's leisure area, which is not only very beautiful, but also has the effect of extending the space, making the space wider and brighter.

3. Whether it is sealed or not, the waterproofing of this space is very important. One refers to the waterproofing of the window and the Other is the waterproofing of the ground. The sealing of the window should be good, and the inside and outside of the waterproof frame should not be mistaken. For the ground, it is necessary to maintain a certain slope to facilitate water discharge.


Second, the general balcony decoration points

1. The balcony decoration must pay attention to thermal insulation. Now some developers have done insulation on the wall when they build the house, and some developers have not done it. Especially considering the removal of the balcony and the door and window of the whole room, we must consider the insulation of the balcony.

2. The decoration can be determined according to the actual situation; if the floor is low, the environment is suitable for an open balcony. If the air is not good, dust and noise are high, it is recommended to choose a closed balcony. Especially when there are children in the family, we must pay attention to it, depending on the reality.

3. If there is more than one such terrace in your home, you should first think about its use before making the arrangement. There are primary and secondary points, which are determined according to daily needs. Usually, the balcony adjacent to the living room and master bedroom is the main balcony. The function can be mainly for leisure and fitness. It can be decorated into a gym, tea room, etc. The decorative materials should be consistent with the living room. The balcony adjacent to the kitchen or the living room and the room other than the main bedroom is the secondary balcony. The main function is storage and drying. The clothes or decoration is a study and can be simply decorated.

There are many ways to decorate the present. The effect of different ways of decoration is different. How to design the general balcony decoration and how to decorate it? I want to introduce the above small series. Well, if you still want to know more about decoration, please continue to pay attention to the decoration home Internet cafe.

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