How to install wooden floor wood floor installation method

Now when people are decorating the floor, if they do not like to tile the users, they will basically consider the wooden floor. Wood floors are beautiful and environmentally friendly and have been loved by many users. So, how to install wood flooring ? Below and Xiao Bian together to see how to install the wooden floor .

How to install wood floor

1. How to install wooden flooring? Before installing the wooden floor, you should start cleaning the construction site and balance the uneven surface or the concrete floor. It can be processed by grinding. After processing, it can be measured by a ruler, or by a ruler, etc. This prevents the occurrence of warping and the like when the floor is laid later.

2. After the pre-grinding and leveling work is completed, the site on the ground must be cleaned to facilitate the installation of moisture-proof mats. Moisture-proof floor mats can be on the one hand wooden floor is not easy to damp; on the other hand is its soft material, can make up for the unevenness of the ground; on the other hand, after the moisture-proof mat is finished, the foot feeling on the top will be better. . After the moisture-proof floor mats are laid out, sticky tapes are used to stick the places where there are gaps, and it is feared that they will move after a long time.

3, then began to officially shop solid wood floor. Because the floor has to be laid out in a scattered manner, it is necessary to first saw a part of the floor from the middle. Saw the floor is also a stress, the first point, to choose some bad floor sawing, this can increase the utilization of solid wood flooring, try not to take a good solid wood floor, according to Oh, so that a great loss; second point When we are sawing solid wood flooring, we also pay attention to it. Choose a place that is easy to clean. When the solid wood floor is sawing, dust will fall everywhere. Therefore, it must be ensured that the solid wood floor is easy to clean after installation.

4, because the floor will expand and shrink with the temperature of the weather, so when installing, do not piece together just right. When laying, it is necessary to leave a little gap between the plate and the plate to prevent the temperature of the hot weather from rising and cause the wood floor to swell. The space for the expansion of the solid wood floor is set aside, considering that the underside of the wooden floor is a moisture-proof floor mat. Therefore, it will lead to the following air flow and it will shake above the solid wood floor. This is the only main channel for underground air to communicate with the ground air. Therefore, there is a gap in the installation of solid wood flooring to avoid the normal circulation of air, resulting in floorboards. The surface of the ground is empty.

Xiaobian conclusion: On how to install the contents of wood flooring and wood flooring, Xiao Bian will share this, and hope to help everyone. It is also a warm reminder that wood will be based on different materials, the installation method is also different, we can decide the laying method according to the material you laid at home.

How to install wood floor

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