Second-hand housing decoration costs how much second-hand housing decoration should pay attention to what

For young people with limited economic conditions, it is also a good idea to purchase a second-hand home in a geographically advantageous place. However, the decoration of second-hand housing is a very troublesome thing, because it not only needs to spend a lot of money, but also put more effort. So, how much is the cost of second-hand housing renovation ? Second-hand housing decoration should pay attention to what? Here we come together to understand it!

First, second-hand housing decoration costs to how much?

1. kitchen decoration costs

After many owners have purchased second-hand housing, they often refit their kitchens because of their different lifestyles. However, for the cost of kitchen and bathroom decoration, in fact, it does not have an accurate figure at all. The main factors affecting its price change are different decoration quality and effects. If it is a simple decoration, then kitchen and toilet decoration generally need to spend about 10,000 yuan.

2. Living room renovation costs

Second-hand housing renovation costs to how much? It is understood that most owners like to make the living room into their favorite style. Therefore, in order to design the living room better, the owners will invite designers to help. Under normal circumstances, the cost of a designer and the cost of a living room renovation cost about 20,000 yuan. If the size of the living room is large, then the renovation costs that need to be spent will be higher.

3. Bedroom decoration costs

Everyone is eager to have a bedroom that they like, so second-hand bedroom decoration is essential. It is understood that the cost of second-hand housing renovation is generally controlled at around 15,000, and the main factors that affect its price change are the size of the bedroom, the designer’s ability, and so on.

Second, second-hand housing decoration should pay attention to what?

1. Closed water test in the restroom

Before the second-hand house is renovated, the toilet must be closed. Because this test can check the bathroom's waterproof capacity and there is no leakage. In addition, second-hand housing bathroom renovation must be done to re-waterproof work, so as to avoid a series of troubles.

2. The transformation of the water circuit

After the completion of the hydropower renovation work, it is necessary to check whether the connection of the line is tight and where penetration cannot occur. At the same time, if the aluminum wire was used in the previous house, it must be remembered for timely dismantling, because the state requires 2.5 square millimeters of copper wire to be used in the decoration.

Editor's summary: The above has introduced to everyone the second-hand housing decoration costs and how to pay attention to second-hand housing decoration related knowledge, hoping to give everyone some help. If you want to learn more, you can continue to pay attention to our website. Follow-up will show more exciting content!

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