Shanghai decoration website which is easy to complete the decoration comparison

Because we spend most of our savings on home purchases, we often pay attention to the cost of renovations. Before the renovation, we will use some websites to understand, compare services, and select satisfactory decoration companies. Shanghai as the first-tier cities, a place where many buyers aspire to, fitting website that Shanghai Which is good? Today we have the following related content, with a look!

Shanghai renovation site - this site

This website was established in 2005. After continuous efforts, it has provided renovation service to 300 domestic urban decoration groups and made more than 20 million families feel the warm and thoughtful service brought by the website. The website covers the home furnishing areas such as decoration, furniture and building materials sales, etc. The one-stop home experience has won the recognition of consumers and is currently the high reputation online platform of the home industry. Through insights into the demand for market decoration, we have successively introduced a number of innovative services such as material stewardship and decoration Qijiabao. In the process of shopping for consumers, we can contact customer service and feedback questions anytime anywhere. At the same time, it also introduced integrity protection services, such as genuine guarantees, free surveys, and many other guarantees, which will drive upgrades in the home improvement industry.

Shanghai Decoration Website - Tub Rabbit

Tuba rabbits have been established for 20 years. The website has always been dedicated to service and has established a good reputation. In the fierce industry, it has always maintained rapid development. Today, the company has opened more than 200 sub-stations throughout the domestic market. The website already has more than 80,000 decoration companies, allowing consumers more choice. According to Baidu’s related quotations, about 5 million people search for home industry information every day. The site serves more than 4 million users each day. From the above, it can be concluded that one out of every two people passes through the soil. Rabbit to understand, to give users a more excellent home improvement experience.

Shanghai decoration website - install a network

Installed a network is a national portal platform, has now opened more than 600 sub-stations, all over the country in large and medium-sized cities, to bring quality services to local home improvement consumers. Today, the website has visited more than 300,000 times a day and has brought about a decoration service experience for millions of domestic families. It has a profound influence. Through the coordination of the decoration resources, the website page covers all categories of the industry, allowing consumers to compare and decorate the company and become the communication bridge between the owner and the decoration company.

Shanghai renovation site - six installed network

"Six Pack" uses years of renovation experience and internet experience to effectively combine hundreds of professional decoration companies in local cities for design and construction. It provides companies with a centralized information display platform and uses "zero cost" publicity channels to make decoration companies effective. Customer resources, saving the decoration company's valuable time and operating costs, and thus spend more energy on the fine work of the decoration, improve the decoration quality and service, so that the owners installed more confidence.

Shanghai Decoration Website - Credit Home

The credit home website brings home a full set of service solutions. The decoration owner can publish the tender information on the website for free, and the website brings free design and supervision services to the owners. It has provided a satisfactory decoration experience to the 5 million decoration people. , service services in more than 200 domestic cities. At the same time, in order to allow the renovation to the sun, it has accumulated more than five million data of decoration, so that users can have a bottom in their hearts after obtaining.

About Shanghai decoration website, small series being introduced here, I hope for your help. If you want to learn more relevant knowledge, you can pay attention to this site information, more exciting content waiting for you.

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