Chinese style decoration features Chinese style decoration design should pay attention to what

The style of decorating directly determines the tone of the entire interior space. When decorating the house, we must first establish a favorite style of decoration. Chinese style is a decoration style chosen by many people. It adopts post-modern techniques, and re-designs and combines traditional structural forms to present them in another way. So what are the characteristics of Chinese-style decoration, Chinese style decoration design should pay attention to what it, the following text will come to tell you under the bar.

Chinese style decoration features

1. Classical and elegant coexistence

In the Chinese-style decoration, the national style is indispensable. The Chinese style emphasizes simplicity, simplicity, elegant style, and rich cultural connotation, giving a sense of elegance and beauty to the design. Chinese style decoration is very good-looking. From a different perspective, it feels different.

2, the shape of symmetrical, color contrast

Chinese-style decoration pays more attention to the traditional elements, mainly in the colors of vermilion, crimson, and brown, and the colors are contrasting and solemn. The Chinese style is magnificent, noble and gorgeous, and the shapes are symmetry. However, because it is too dignified, it is out of tune with the modern fashion city. Young people are not too fond of it, and they are often pursued by middle-aged and older people.

3, preserve tradition, integrate new elements

The style of Chinese decoration is not one that will not change, and it is difficult to say that in a modern society, you are in a completely unchanging state. So in the Chinese style it will also incorporate some modern elements that keep pace with the times. Such as modern materials, modern design concepts, modern modeling elements. Which led to a new style of decoration - the new style of decoration.

Chinese style decoration design should pay attention to what

1, the color concise, bright

In the modern decoration, the Chinese style should try its best to improve the contrasting features. In terms of color, it can be based on the traditional Chinese colors and introduce some other colors. For example, you can also incorporate some black and white ash to make the transition. We all know that color can give the room a sense of movement. Therefore, we must deal with the color properly, so that the decoration of the entire room is comfortable and gentle under the atmosphere, and then the lighting is used to make the space more perfect.

2, material selection mainly wood

In the Chinese-style decoration style, materials should be selected mainly from wooden materials, and the raw wood should be processed and processed into objects required by the space. In the design, attention should be paid to avoid excessive use of raw materials and embellishment decoration should be appropriate so that the entire space can truly reflect the connotation of modern Chinese design.

The article concludes: The above is about the Chinese style decoration features their own attention to the relevant description, hoping to let everyone have a certain understanding of the Chinese-style decoration, if there are other needs, pay attention to the Qi family information.

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