How to remove the paint smell of heating radiator

1. Place two pots of cold salt water indoors, or soak the onions in the pot, and remove the painty smell one to two days.
2. Drop a few drops of perfume or balm on the bulb. When it's hot, the perfume or balm will give off fragrances to eliminate the odor in the room.
3. Put appropriate vinegar in a ventilated room in a basin filled with cold water, so that the water can be properly transcribed to protect the top paint surface and absorb residual odor.
4. Put pineapple in each room. Because pineapple is a kind of rough fiber fruit, it can not only absorb the smell of paint but also reach the fragrance of pineapple and accelerate the eradication of odor. It will serve two purposes.
5. Wetting the cotton balls with citric acid and hanging them indoors and in wood furniture can quickly remove the residual paint odor.
The above is an introduction to how to remove the paint smell of heating radiators. I hope to help you.

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