What are the types and functions of the patrol system?

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The patrol system has many types and functions. For customers who are not very familiar with it, they don't know how to choose, there are many types, and many functions. The following security network Xiaobian introduces the types and functions of the patrol system.
What are the types and functions of the patrol system?
Type of patrol system
From the function points: fingerprint patrol, GPRS patrol, wireless patrol, navigation patrol, photo patrol, LED lighting patrol
From recognition: inductive patrol, contact patrol
From the chip: there are EM chip, TI chip, TM chip
From the storage points: there are 2000, 7200, 8000, 20,000, 30,000, 40,000.
From the industry: there are common industries (such as: property, parks, schools, factories), special industries (coal, oil, gas, gas companies)
Patrol system function
Fingerprint Patrol: Using fingerprint recognition, fingerprints are required at every point of patrol. Benefits: It can eliminate patrols and punch cards.
GPRS patrol: GPRS communication, real-time wireless transmission of patrol data, the management room can view the specific situation in real time.
Navigation Patrol: The current patrol location can be displayed in English and Chinese, and the next patrol location, so that patrol personnel, novices will not be confused, problems
Photo patrol: You can take photos and record the scene at the patrol location, support night shooting, such as water pipes rupture, damage, photo record, so as not to forget
LED lighting patrol: This is a good understanding, patrol stick with LED glare flashlight, convenient for patrol (patrol) at night, lighting.
Inductive patrol, when reading the card, no need to touch, as long as the patrol stick, between 0-5CM, you can punch the card successfully.
Contact Patrol: As the name suggests, you must be in touch with the patrol point, and you must have a good patrol point. These two are necessary. If you are not right, you may not be able to play the card.
There are so many types and different functions in the patrol system. How do you choose? Xiao Bian suggested that you don't have to pursue the latest technology patrol system, just choose the right one.

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