What are the methods for separating metal from plastic?

The method of separating metal from plastic is summarized as follows:
Metal trap
The pulverized waste is piped, and metal scraps having a diameter of 0.75 to 1.2 MM are separated using a metal trap during the transfer.
2. Electrostatic separator
The mixed material is pulverized and put into an electrostatic separator. The metal and plastic are used to separate metals such as copper and aluminum. This method is suitable for the treatment of metal-filled composite materials, cable materials and metal-plated plastics.
3. Dissolution separation
The plastic coated metal part is immersed in a suspension containing methylene chloride, a nonionic surfactant, paraffin and water to dissolve and separate the plastic coating.
4. Brittle separation
The metal and plastic hybrid waste is cooled to the embrittlement temperature of the plastic, then pulverized, and the metal is separated from the plastic by a wind screen separation method.
5. Stripping of cable sheath
The outer skin materials of wires and cables are mainly polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene (including cross-linked polyethylene) and synthetic rubber and natural rubber. In addition to the above electrostatic separation method, there are two methods of dry and warm methods to make plastic and rubber. Effectively separated from copper and aluminum core wires.
(1) Dry separation: The inside of the cable is uniformly heated by a far-infrared device, and the outer skin is manually peeled off.
(2) Wet separation: The aluminum wire is immersed in a solution of a penetrating agent (surfactant), heated to 70-90 degrees, and then peeled off the skin, and then continuously washed with an organic solvent several times to completely remove the tar.

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