How to lock in the face of trade export problems

The global economy is developing rapidly, and lock companies are gradually entering the international market. More and more affordable products have a small market share. The trade frictions are constantly raging. So, in the face of these trade export problems, how should lock companies go straight into the market?

In the face of trade export problems, lock companies should go straight into the picture (picture from the network)

In the face of trade barriers, lock companies need to start from three aspects

After years of development, the export of lock products not only impacted the foreign market, but also enriched the strength of local enterprises. At the same time, foreign hearts and minds were vigilant to strengthen trade barriers. Since now, lock companies have been unable to give up the vast international market, and foreign markets cannot Refusing to import, under the stalemate between the two sides, the lock companies want to break through, we must do the following:

First, in the face of trade barriers, it is impossible to retreat. Lock companies must believe that foreign markets cannot completely refuse to import, and those anti-dumping policies are also inappropriate. Therefore, lock companies must actively take legal weapons to protect their legitimate rights and interests;

Second, from the surface to solve the problem, the US anti-dumping policy is not targeted, but for the lock companies to come in good quality and cheap, so lock companies should increase the gold content of products, increase the added value, so that those policies can not be started;

Third, from the essence of solving problems, the unrestricted strengthening of trade barriers reflects the lack of discourse power of lock companies in international trade rules, so lock companies must unite to increase their strength in the international market, and then seek international voice, To become a party to make rules.

Seeking international discourse rights, lock companies avoid arrogance and exaggeration

In recent years, with the development of China, all kinds of arguments are endless. Therefore, lock companies should pay attention to the international image of China and avoid arrogance and exaggeration when seeking international discourse rights and making rules.

First of all, lock companies must determine their own goals, that is, to be a conscience enterprise that carefully follows the correct rules, and at the same time is an authoritative rule maker;

Secondly, lock companies are pursuing a fair and just competitive environment, not to subvert the existing global order, and to grasp the degree;

Finally, lock companies should take a long-term view and make rules not for short-term interests, but for the purpose of achieving win-win outcomes for all parties. Therefore, when obeying and formulating rules, we must not only look at the impact on the current market situation, but also not only on our own. Development, the ability to balance the interests of all parties, everyone is the best rule!

In general, lock companies should have their own breakthroughs, and have their own actions to not be defeated by opponents! In the fierce international competition market, play a 12-point spirit, maintain a clear-headed mind, and strive to seek more international voice.

Editor in charge: Liu Jiehui

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