The principle and use of expansion sleeve coupling

The expansion sleeve is a keyless coupling device. The principle and purpose of the expansion sleeve is through the action of high-strength tension bolts. A huge hold force is generated between the inner ring and the shaft and between the outer ring and the hub to realize the machine part and the shaft. The keyless connection. When subjected to load, the combined pressure of the expansion sleeve and the machine element and the shaft and the accompanying frictional force transfer the torque, the axial force, or the composite load of both. Expansion sleeve connection mainly has the following advantages: high centering accuracy; easy installation/adjustment/disassembly; high strength, stable and reliable connection; can protect equipment from damage when overloaded, especially suitable for transferring heavy loads. Widely used in heavy machinery, wind power, packaging machinery, printing machinery, CNC machine tools, automation equipment and other fields.
1. Use expansion sleeves to make the host parts simple to manufacture and install. Machining shafts and holes for mounting expansion sleeves do not require high-precision manufacturing tolerances as in an interference fit. When the expansion sleeve is installed, it is not necessary to heat, cool or pressurize the equipment. Simply tighten the bolts according to the required torque. And easy adjustment, the hub can be easily adjusted to the desired position on the shaft. Expansion sleeves can also be used to connect poorly welded parts.
2. The expansion sleeve has a long service life and high strength. The expansion sleeve is driven by friction, and it is not weakened by the keyway of the jointed part, and there is no relative movement, and no wear occurs during the work.
3. When the expansion sleeve is overloaded, it will lose the coupling effect and can protect the equipment from damage.
4. The expansion sleeve connection can withstand multiple loads, and its structure can be made into a variety of styles. According to the size of the installation load, multiple expansion sleeves can also be used in tandem.
5. The expansion sleeve is easy to disassemble and has good interchangeability. Since the expansion sleeve can combine the hubs with larger clearances, the bolts can be loosened when disassembled, and the linked parts can be easily disassembled. When it is tight, the contact surface is tightly affixed with no corrosion, and it is also easy to disassemble.

Description about Disposable shoe cover

Name: Disposable plastic Shoe Cover

Standard size: 15x36cm 15x41cm
Color: White/blue/green/red
Materialt: 2-8.5g/PC CPE
Packing: 10PCS/roll, 100 pieces/bag, 1, 000 pieces/carton
Other Products: Nonwoven shoe cover with full elastic/Nonwoven shoe cover with non-slip/CPE shoe cover/PP+CPE shoe cover/PE shoe cover/sock/Boot cover, etc.


Our services:
1. Cap(such as bouffant cap/clip cap/mob cap/worker cap, etc. )
2. Face mask(1-3ply), many colors, tie on or with earloop
3. Lab Coat(SBPP/PP+PE/SMS)
4. Coverall(SBPP/PP+PE/SMS/SF)
5. Patient Gown(PP/SMS)
6. Surgical Gown(PP/PE/SMS)
7. Sauna coat/Kimono(PP)
8. Apron(PE)
9. Sleeves(PP/PE)
10. Gloves(HDPE/LDPE)
11. Boot cover(SBPP/CPE/SMS, etc. )
12. Others(such as bed cover/Gauze roll/Depliation Roll, etc. )

Shoe Covers

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