How to use electroscope power frequency sine wave high voltage generator?

How to use electroscope power frequency sine wave high voltage generator?

1. The YDF-10 and YDF-35 generators are used as follows. Turn the power switch to the on position. After 3 to 5 seconds, the display shows a corresponding low voltage value. This value is multiplied by the voltage magnification. The actual voltage output from the current high voltage terminal shown is inserted into the high voltage output terminal of the alarm section of the high voltage electroscope and the electrode is connected with the high voltage electrode (the insulator of the electroscope is in the open state). Then adjust the function knob clockwise. The display shows that the voltage value increases until the high-voltage electroscope sends an alarm to stop the adjustment. The voltage value displayed at this time is the starting voltage value of the tested electrical appliance to judge whether the electroscope is qualified. In the fast short-press function knob display will show F-50, which is the display of the current generator high voltage terminal output voltage frequency is 50Hz, if you press the function knob for 1.5 seconds will be quickly adjusted voltage, clockwise rotation function The knob is a boost, and the counterclockwise function knob is a step down. If the knob is not adjusted within 5 seconds, it will automatically return to slow adjustment.

2. The use of YDF-220 generator, because the output voltage of YDF-220 generator high-voltage terminal is too high, in order to ensure the safety of the operator, we design split operation, open the chassis when using the control box and boost When the box is connected, turn on the power switch to light up the display. At this time, the display shows a voltage digital display (3600V-4000V) after 3 to 5 seconds. Then adjust the function knob to step up or step down the voltage. All have high pressure output, no manual contact. Ground must be firmly connected before use, and then remove the ground after shutdown. Heavy pressure, wrestling, rain, and dampness are prohibited. The battery needs to be recharged once a month for 8 hours each time.

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Epoxy Sanding Slipping Floor
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Epoxy Sanding Anti-Slip Floor construction technology / epoxy sanding slip floor
Original ground treatment: comprehensively grind, repair and dust the ground
Undercoat: The primer material is coated with a roller or a trowel.
Medium coating: After the primer is cured, the middle layer material is scraped and coated with a trowel after grinding and dust removal.
Sanding: Mix sand with no accumulated sand
Top coat: roll the top coat onto the middle coat

Epoxy Sanding Slipping Floor

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