"Please see me" 3M Campus Baby Activity

A few days ago, the 3M campus baby event was successfully held at Huixi Primary School in Zigong City, Sichuan Province. The 3M campus baby activity was jointly organized by 3M, the traffic police brigade of Huidong New District of Zigong City, and the Road Traffic Safety Association. On the day of the event, colleagues of the Chengdu team of 3M Security and Labeling Division jointly united with the Traffic Police Brigade of Huidong New District of Zigong to carry out the safety education of “Traffic Safety, From Myself” to hundreds of teachers and students of Huixi Elementary School. Subsequently, 3M presented the “3M Traffic Safety Warning Badge” and 3M reflective vest clothing to the student representatives and the Huidong Traffic Police Brigade respectively to encourage ensuring student traffic safety and vigorously promote civilized traffic travel. The activity caused a good response in the local area. The relevant major media reported on the activity.

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