How to distinguish fake and inferior bearings "eight big black"

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How to distinguish fake and inferior bearings "eight big black"

Source: Bearing network time: 2014-09-30

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According to the store's view of the bearing, there are eight kinds of scams in the current bearing distribution:
1. Bearings made of iron and carbon steel (hardness is not acceptable) and modified scrap bearings (not accurate),
2. Put the defective bearing and small factory bearing on the trademark of Dachang; fake the filling and certification of the famous factory products.
3, fake fill the famous manufacturers, dealers, agents; and even the fake charge manufacturers spot sales department,
4, with the defective bearing fake bearing genuine bearings,
5. Turn the general-grade bearing into a D-class bearing.
6, into the good goods into the fake,
7, fake goods sell genuine price, genuine sell D-class price; use fake price,
8, to bargains to give fakes; to good quality to the real goods.
The quality supervision professor prompts the consumer; purchase qualified bearings; firstly, it is necessary to investigate whether the outer packaging can be clear; most of the products use the stamping skills; and they are pressed before the heat is overheated; therefore, the font is shallow. G逦. The font of the counterfeit product is vague; floating on the surface; some can even be erased by hand. Secondly, whether the appearance can have dirty oil traces; if the anti-rust skill is not at home; it is very simple to leave a thick oil; Very sticky in the hand. Together; also pay attention to the selection of chamfered uniform, rotating without noise.

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