What is the difference between an idle lock and an security lock?

Idling: The utility model relates to an idle lock with wide application range and simple structure, which comprises a casing, a key, a lock core, a blade, a dial block and a slider with an inner toothed port; a clutch spring is arranged between the slider and the lock cylinder, A retaining bar axially slidable and blocking the forward movement of the slider is arranged in the outer casing, and a return spring is arranged between the retaining post and the outer casing to receive the elastic force of the retaining post in the direction of the sliding block, and the elastic force of the return spring is greater than the elastic force of the clutch spring The projection of the keyhole of the lock cylinder in the axial direction from the outside to the inside is at least partially projected in the end surface of the retaining post, so that the front end of the key end of the key insertion can push the retaining post inward; the front end of the slider is provided with the slider The clutch head is matched with a clutch notch; it uses a combination of a key, a stop, a slider, a clutch spring and a return spring to achieve a clutch between the dial and the lock cylinder.

Security: The utility model discloses a reinforced electronically controlled security lock, which comprises a lock body, a lock tongue, a door handle, a control circuit, an electromagnetic actuator and a bolt linkage push plate. The control circuit comprises a central processing unit, The door detecting circuit unit, the door state detecting unit unit, the alarm unit, and the card reader. Since the utility model is provided with a card reader, an electromagnetic actuator and a central processing unit, the card can be unlocked by a card or remotely. Moreover, the door lock state can be detected by the door state detecting unit, and the door lock state and the unlocking history can be recorded inside. After the communication circuit is added, data communication with the management computer can be performed, and multiple locks can be centrally managed.

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