China's wind power development momentum has created two "world first"

Wind energy is an inexhaustible and clean energy . With the increasing degree of commercialization and market competitiveness, wind power, which is the main form of wind energy utilization, has become the most important renewable energy technology in the world today. one. At present, wind power is used in more than 100 countries and regions around the world, and it accounts for a high proportion of electricity supply. For example, wind power in Denmark has exceeded 20% of the total electricity supply, and Spain has reached 14.3%. In the future, the development goals of wind power in other countries will be more ambitious. Denmark plans to account for 50% of the total electricity in 2025. The United States proposes that wind power will account for 20% of the total electricity in 2030. The EU will have half of the 20% renewable energy target in 2020. From wind power. Two "world first" China has a vast territory, a long coastline and abundant wind energy resources. According to the latest survey conducted by the China Meteorological Administration, the potential development of wind energy at a height of 50 meters in China is about 2.58 billion kilowatts, and the development potential is huge. After more than 30 years, especially the rapid development of the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan", China's wind power has made brilliant achievements. According to preliminary statistics, in 2010, China's wind power installed capacity exceeded 16 million kilowatts, accumulating more than 40 million kilowatts, and “double living” ranked first in the world. Driven by the huge market demand, China's wind power equipment manufacturing industry has become one of the competitive industries with international competitiveness. Some wind turbine manufacturing enterprises have entered the top ten in the world, and domestic manufacturers have occupied more than 85% of the Chinese market share. Started exporting overseas. The technological innovation capability of China's wind power equipment manufacturing enterprises has also been continuously enhanced, and the transformation of high-power wind turbine technology from introduction and digestion, joint design to independent design has been initially realized. The large number of innovations carried out by Chinese enterprises in adapting to the special environment and wind conditions of China, as well as the down-line and operation of multi-megawatt wind turbines independently designed and developed by Chinese enterprises, fully prove that China's wind power technology has reached the international advanced level. The rapid expansion of market scale and the rapid improvement of technological innovation capabilities have also promoted the comprehensive development of China's wind power industry. A complete industrial system integrating raw materials, parts, complete machines and service industries has begun to take shape. China has formed a wind power policy system with the Renewable Energy Law as its core. The electricity price is more reasonable, the development goals are clearer, and the responsibility of power generation enterprises and power grids is clearer, which provides a very favorable policy environment for wind power development. The achievements that have been made prove that resources, industries and policies can fully support wind power in China's energy conservation and emission reduction. In the longer term, these favorable conditions may also support the gradual development of wind power to the mainstream power supply in China. The future of the five futures is not too clear. We should also see that the proportion of wind power in China's power supply structure is still less than 1%. Many people still do not realize that wind power will be a new energy system characterized by “scientific, green and low carbon” in the future. The important role of grid connection and application is still the main obstacle to the recent development of wind power. Standing on the new starting point of the current 40 million kilowatts installed capacity, looking forward to the future wind power blueprint, the ambitions are full of enthusiasm, and all parties should work together to solve the following five problems in order to realize the sound and rapid development of China's wind power industry on the new journey. First, the development and application of clean energy is everyone's social responsibility. Through popularization, the whole society must realize that strengthening the development and utilization of renewable energy, including wind power, is the only way to cope with the increasingly serious energy and environmental problems. It is the only way for human society to achieve sustainable development, thus creating a good public opinion atmosphere for the development of wind power. Second, European experience shows that the main obstacles to the integration and application of wind power are the coordination of ideas and interests. It is necessary to improve the structure of interests through the improvement of policies and institutional mechanisms, coordinate the development relationship between wind power and other industries, and crack the wind power grid. bottleneck. Third, innovation is the source of competitiveness for enterprises, industries and even the country. We must cherish the opportunities brought about by the huge wind power market, and constantly improve technological innovation by increasing investment in scientific research, establishing a national public technology research and development and testing platform, and accelerating the construction of a talent team. The system promotes China's progress towards a strong wind power technology country. Fourth, strengthen the quality control of wind power equipment and avoid low-priced vicious competition at the expense of quality. At the same time, the wind power standard system should be further improved, and third-party evaluation systems such as testing and certification should be implemented to implement the implementation of standards and further improve the quality of wind power equipment. Fifth, strengthen international exchanges and cooperation, create an international policy and trade environment conducive to the development of wind power, promote the integration of international resources, put an end to any form of trade protectionism, and strive to make wind power technology a "green" technology without borders, let wind energy For the benefit of all mankind.  

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