Guizhou is mostly rainy in the near future, and early corn should be planted at the right time.

The average temperature in Guizhou in the early period was generally low in the whole province; most of the precipitation was normal to less, which was unfavorable for the growth of fast-growing vegetables recently planted.

The Guizhou Provincial Meteorological Observatory estimates that the average temperature in late February is higher than that in the same period of the previous year, and the rest of the region is normal. The rest of the province has more eastern areas and the rest is normal. Today (22nd), there is light rain on cloudy days throughout the province; on the 23rd, the western part of Guizhou Province has a small to medium rain and cloudy, and the rest of the area has a small to moderate rain; from 24 to 25, the western part is cloudy, and the rest The sporadic rains in the area turned cloudy and the temperature rose. From 26 to 28, affected by cold air, except for the cloudy southwestern part of the province, the rest of the area was cloudy with cloudy showers or thunderstorms.


1. The temperature in the western region is rising, the air is dry, and attention is paid to preventing town, village and forest fires.

2. There are more rainy weather in this tense, and nursery sheds should pay attention to cold and warm.

3. Strengthen field management, timely apply rapeseed scented flower fertilizer and wheat jointing fertilizer, and timely plant early corn in low-heat areas to strengthen the monitoring and control of field pests and diseases.

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