In the next ten days, the weather in Guangxi will pick up, which will benefit spring spring planting.

According to the forecast of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Meteorological Bureau, in the next 10 days, the cold air force affecting South China has weakened, and the southerly warm and humid air flow has been continuously enhanced. The temperature in Guangxi has gradually recovered and the weather has warmed up. Before March 3, the average daily temperature in Guinan is 12 Above °C. The specific forecast is as follows:

From February 22 to 23, there was light rain in most areas of the cloudy day and fog in the morning. Temperatures in Japan vary from 9 to 12 °C in Guibei and 12 to 15 °C in Guinan.

From February 24 to 27, the north of Guangxi is cloudy, with scattered rain in some areas and cloudy south of Guinan. Temperatures in Japan vary from 13 to 16 °C in Guibei and 17 to 21 °C in Guinan.

From February 28th to March 2nd, there were some moderate to moderate rains in parts of northern Guangxi, and some heavy rains. There were light rains in other areas of our district.


1. Actively do a good job in planting dry land crops such as spring corn. It is estimated that the average daily temperature in Guinan before March 3 is above 12 °C, which is beneficial to the sowing and emergence of dryland crops such as spring maize. All localities should seize the favorable opportunity of warmer weather and moist soil, and actively do spring corn and spring cane. We will plant the dry land crops, strengthen the field management of the planted crops, combine the loosening of the soil, and timely check the seedlings, make up the seedlings, eliminate the insects and eliminate the disease.

2. Early rice is planted in time in Guinan and Youjiang River Valley. In late February, the southern Hunan and Youjiang River valleys will enter the suitable sowing period of early rice dry nursery and other cold-proof mites. The current warm and favorable weather should be used to carry out early rice planting and breeding work. Pay attention to the bottom water and make seedbeds and seeds well. Disinfect, cover the seed after sowing. Guizhong and Guibei pay attention to the selection of good early rice seeds, grasp the trampoline and fertilize, and prepare for breeding.

3. Actively do water storage in reservoirs and scientifically plan water use. With the full development of spring ploughing and spring work, the demand for water for agriculture is increasing. Therefore, all localities should seize all favorable conditions and actively carry out artificial precipitation enhancement operations, and take advantage of the favorable timing of rainfall to actively carry out water storage work in mountain ponds and reservoirs. And pay attention to the scientific plan to use water to ensure the smooth development of spring farming.

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