Technology changes life: inventorying inventions that may subvert the future of mankind

Steam engines have changed the way humans produce, and smartphones have changed the way humans communicate. These great inventions have gone deep into life and changed human society. Nowadays, new inventions and new technologies are emerging one after another, which may hide the power to change the world. Today, Xiaobian will take stock of the inventions that are or may subvert the future of mankind.

No. 1: 10 seconds to restore vision bionic contact lenses!

Myopia can cure, don't fool! The most invented invention in recent days is undoubtedly the bionic lens that "10 seconds makes you no longer nearsighted". Legend has it that the installation of this lens can instantly correct the vision of myopia patients, the wearer's eyeball will not feel pain and irritation, and there will be no side effects caused by laser correction surgery. The important thing is: It is expected that this lens will be available in 2017 at the earliest!

No.2: Is the driverless car really coming?

The driverless car auto car developed by Google Inc. of the United States has been tested for six years now. Although it is unmanned, it runs quite happily. Whether it is traffic jams, traffic lights, rain or fog, it can handle all kinds of situations. And statistics show that autonomous driving seems to be "smarter" than human driving: in the past six years, the road test was nearly 3 million kilometers, and a total of 14 accidents occurred, mostly because of the rear-end collision. If the driverless car is put into the market in the future, driving school, driving, fines, and business?

No.3: Cataract does not work, eye drops can be good

Cataract is the world's first blind eye disease, and the prevalence rate of Chinese people over 75 years old is as high as 91%. Usually the treatment of cataracts is long "cooked" after surgery, but a new study may bring new hope to cataract patients: drop the natural molecule "lanosterol" into the eye with a dropper, The size and sensation of cataracts decreased during the 6-week period. The results of this study are published in the scientific journal Nature, and human experiments will be conducted in the future. If successful, it will be a great boon for middle-aged and elderly cataract patients.

No.4: If the memory can really be transplanted

Implanted into the chip to store memory, does it sound very sci-fi? The Pentagon recently led the experiment. Experiments implant tiny microarrays in the human brain to enhance the memory and memory retention of the human nervous system. It is said that the memory has been going on for decades, and it is almost never forgotten. At present, this experiment has achieved certain effects in mice.

No.5: "Brushing face" is not enough, the new capsule directly "brushing people"

Bank cards, ID cards, website passwords, payment passwords... Information technology has grown by leaps and bounds for decades. Humans are still using the most primitive methods to remember passwords and personal information. Does it add a lot of extra burden? The latest invention "memory capsule" is expected to free humans from the tedious memory. This small capsule has built-in chips and switches. As long as it is swallowed in the stomach, personal information can be converted into electronic signals and transmitted out of the body. After receiving signals, electronic instruments or mobile devices can verify identity and read personal information. What if the password is forgotten and I have to go to the airport to check in? So easy! Just "brush people" will do.

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