Peanut on demand fertilization

Peanuts have strong resistance to cockroaches and can be harvested with a small amount of fertilizer. Peanut fertilization should be based on organic fertilizers, supplemented by chemical fertilizers, base fertilizers and topdressing supplements. Topdressing fertilizers are mainly based on seedlings, supplemented by flower fertilizers and strong fruit fertilizers, and combined with nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and calcium.
In the peanut seedling stage, the application of fast-acting nitrogen fertilizer in the 3-5 leaf stage has a good effect on promoting early branching and proliferation of the branch and increasing the number of flowers and pods. Generally, 4-6 kg of special fertilizer for peanuts, 5-6 kg of urea or 1500-2000 kg of decomposed human and animal waste water.
During the flowering and pod-forming stage of peanuts, the nutrient uptake of plants increased sharply, but rhizobium also began to supply peanut nitrogen nutrients continuously, such as excessive application of nitrogen fertilizer, which may cause the stems and leaves to grow and fall. Therefore, after the flowering, the nitrogen fertilizer is generally not applied, and the compound fertilizer and the calcium fertilizer can be applied in combination with the last cultivating and weeding at the initial flowering stage. Generally, 10 kg of peanut special fertilizer and 10-20 kg of slaked lime are applied per mu.
During the filling period of the peanut pod, the plant needs to increase the phosphorus, spray the foliar fertilizer and 0.3% potassium dihydrogen phosphate solution, spray once every 7-10 days, and spray 2-3 times continuously.
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