Shower room common problems and treatment methods

There are some minor problems in the shower room. What are the reasons for these problems? What should we do? Here we take a look at the common problems and treatment methods shower room it.

First, shower room FAQ

1. Shower leaks;

2, shower room door is not smooth;

3. There is a crack in the upper or lower side of the shower room after the door is closed;

4, the shower room bottom basin poor drainage or water;

5, aluminum, glass scratches or damage.

Second, the problem processing method

1, how to deal with leaking shower room

(1) Check if the waterproof tape in the shower room is installed.

(2) Check whether glass glue is applied between the shower room and the bottom basin and the wall.

(3) Check if the gap between the bottom basin and the wall is sealed.

(4) Check whether the water remover is installed properly and whether the connection of the drain pipe is sealed.

2, how to deal with the shower room door is not smooth

(1) Check if the pulley is bad, if the rail is deformed, and replace it if there is any.

(2) Check whether the pulley is tightened, and whether the eccentric pulley eccentric position is the same, to tighten the adjustment.

(3) Whether there is foreign matter stuck in the moving door wheel or glass.

(4) None of the above reasons is to check whether the upper and lower track rails are in place or not, check whether there is any deviation between the upper and lower glass holes, or add lubricant to make the door smoother.

3, how to deal with the shower room door closed after the upper or lower cracks

(1) Check the parallelism of the movable door, adjust the base, or adjust the eccentric pulley to achieve parallelism.

(2) When checking the installation, whether the verticality is deviated or not, and if so, reinstall it.

4, shower room bottom basin poor drainage or water

(1) Check whether the drainage pipe and drain pipe are clogged or not smooth.

(2) Check if the ground is horizontal, if the base is installed horizontally, and if it is uneven, adjust it.

5, how to deal with aluminum, glass scratches or damage.

Can only be replaced, with the replacement of the after-sales instructions and installation instructions.

The above about shower room common problems and treatment methods are briefly introduced here, and I hope to help you. For more information, please visit this website. Stay tuned.

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