Summer vegetable anti-high temperature four methods


Planting summer vegetables, because the temperature in the shed is too high (the highest temperature in the shed reaches 40 °C at noon), resulting in poor growth of vegetables grown in the shed, like the burning edge of the leaves of tomatoes, the phenomenon of falling flowers and fruit is serious, peppers are There are a lot of sunburn fruit and umbilical rot fruit, beans and vegetables are serious, and so on. These are caused by high temperature obstacles in the shed. So how should the temperature in the shed be lowered in summer? The four methods of preventing high temperature are as follows:
1. Strengthen ventilation and reduce the temperature of the shed. When planting the summer vegetables, the vegetable farmers should pay attention to the high temperature obstacles in the vegetables in the shed. It is necessary to open all the upper and lower air outlets of the greenhouse, so that the cold air outside the shed enters the shed and form convection with the hot air in the shed to accelerate The discharge of hot air is conducive to the reduction of the temperature inside the shed. It is necessary to remind the vegetable grower that when the wind is released, a windshield film should be placed under the air outlet to prevent the cold wind from blowing directly onto the fruit surface of the vegetable, causing the fruit to appear as a skin, a crack, and the like.
2. Use a shade net to cool down. When the temperature in the shed cannot be controlled within the requirements of suitable vegetable growth by the method of air release, the vegetable farmer preferably uses a shade net to cool down. The vegetable grower should put down the sunshade net when the temperature in the shed is close to the highest temperature suitable for vegetable growth. When the temperature in the shed is lower than the highest temperature for growing vegetables, the sunshade net can be rolled up, but pay attention to put the sunshade net down. Do not block the air outlet. When purchasing a shade net, the vegetable grower can choose a shading rate of about 60%, because the shade net can play the role of shading and cooling, preventing the sunburn fruit, and allowing some of the light to shine inside the greenhouse, which is beneficial to The improvement of photosynthesis in vegetable leaves.
3. At noon spray to cool down. At noon in summer, because the temperature in the shed is high, the evaporation of the leaves is large, and the water absorbed by the roots cannot meet the needs of vegetable transpiration, and the tomato leaves appear to be rolled up. The vegetable grower can install the micro-sprinkler spray in the shed to reduce the temperature of the shed. This can also increase the humidity of the air in the shed, prevent the dryness of the stigma of the vegetable style, promote pollination, and prevent the fruit from falling and falling.
4. Vegetable farmers can also spray the surface fertilizers such as chitin, amino acid and alginic acid on the leaves of vegetables in the greenhouse to promote the healthy growth of vegetables and improve their resistance to high temperature. Linyi Fertilizer Network Copyright

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