Detailed introduction of operation method of automatic ratio tester

Automatic variable ratio tester is a new generation of intelligent ratio tester. The SCM as the core for measurement and calculation and automatic control, the use of a large-screen dot-matrix liquid crystal display, Chinese menu interface, with intuitive display, good stability, high accuracy, fast test speed, wide measurement range, perfect protection function and The site does not need the advantages of three-phase power supply.

Automatic change ratio tester performance characteristics 1, Chinese liquid crystal display, small size, light weight.

2, good stability, high precision, wide measurement range, up to 5000. The test speed is fast and the three-phase test is completed in 11 seconds.

3. CT, PT, CVT and Z-connected transformers can be tested.

4, with blind test change ratio, group test function.

5, no power off clock and date display, data storage.

6. High and low voltage reverse polarity protection function.

7, transformer short circuit, inter-turn short circuit protection.

8, power input 380V protection.

9, thermal printer printing function, fast, silent.

Automatic ratio tester using method

1, online:

Turn off the power switch of the instrument. Connect A, B, and C of the instrument to the high-voltage side of the transformer, and lowercase a, b, and c to the low-voltage side.

The neutral point of the transformer is not connected to the instrument, nor to the earth. Connect the instrument ground. Plug one end of the power cord into the power outlet on the instrument panel and the other end into an AC 220V power supply.

Note: Do not reverse the high and low voltage of the transformer.

2, open the instrument's power switch, the main menu appears on the LCD screen:

Press the "↑" key at this time to select the function menu.

Press the "Confirm" button to execute the corresponding function.

Note: When the menu is selected, the menu text is displayed in reverse (white on black background); pressing the button, releasing the button, is the input of a button.

3, connection settings, enter the wiring method settings, the LCD display:

Press the "↑" key to select the connection method (single phase, Yy, Y/d, Dd, D/y).

Press "Confirm" key to save the connection and return to the main menu.

Note: When measuring a three-phase transformer, do not know the wiring method, select Dy.

4, set the ratio, enter the variable ratio setting, the LCD display:

Press “→” to select the data bit at this time, and the selected data will be displayed in reverse.

Press "↑" "↓" key to modify the data.

After selecting the number, press "↑" "↓" key, the number is changed from 0 to 9 cycle, if it is the first digit, the number can only change from 1 to 9 cycles, no 0 will appear.

After selecting the decimal point, press the "↑" "↓" key to move the decimal point.

Press "Confirm" key to save the data, return to the main menu 5, start warming up after 5 minutes, you can start measuring, after the measurement is completed:

After each measurement is completed, the instrument automatically saves data, saves up to 20 data, over 20 clears all data, and starts with 1.

The left side of the first line shows the position of the current data in the historical data, and the right side shows the number of historical data.

The second line of conduct.

The left side of the third row is the transformation ratio of the AB phase, and the right side is the relative error of the AB phase, and so on.

If you are testing a single-phase transformer, only the first three lines are displayed.

If the relative error of the measured ratio is greater than 10% shows "10%", if the relative error of the measured ratio is less than -10%, "<-10%" is displayed.

Press "↑" to view the data.

Press the "←" key to enter the print menu. This data can be printed. Print all data to clear all historical data.

Press the "Confirm" button to return to the main menu.

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