Method for controlling black spots by persimmon

The pathogen of persimmon black spot:

Persimmon black spot bacteria mainly overwinter in mycelium in the branch disease or diseased fruit, leaf marks and winter buds. The mid-summer produces conidia in the early summer, spread by wind and rain insects, infecting new shoots and fruits. High temperature and high humidity are conducive to the onset of the disease, and the temperature rises after the rain or the summer rainy season is heavier. It usually begins in early June and begins to fall in mid-July.

Treatment of persimmon black spot disease:

1. Remove the primary infestation source, combine the winter shears to remove the diseased branches, remove the diseased fruits in time, remove the fallen fruits, concentrate them to burn or bury them deeply. And the whole park sprayed the tree general to carry out disinfection and sterilization, reducing the spread of pests and diseases.

2. Strengthen cultivation management, especially fertilizer and water management, to prevent the occurrence of long branches. The weak tree can spray some new high-fat film 500 times liquid, reduce pesticide toxins, and improve the application effect of pesticides or fertilizers.

3. The effect of spraying chemicals in the middle, middle and late July and early August is significant. The targeted biocide can be sprayed with 500 times of new high-fat film to inhibit the replication of pathogens, reduce the drug resistance and dosage, and improve the pesticide effect.

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