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Imported SKF bearing damage disposal methods

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False Brinell indentation damage condition: at the time of the vibration; the touch on the roll and the race wheel is somewhat developed due to the oscillation caused by the oscillation and the sway; the attack is similar to the impression of the Brinell indentation.
Reason: In the middle of the transportation process, the Swedish SKF bearing oscillates and oscillates when it stops. The amplitude is small and the swinging motion is poor.
Measure: Fix the shaft and bearing housing during the transportation process. When transporting, separate the inner and outer rings. Add pre-stress to reduce the oscillation. Use proper smoothing agent.
Creep damage condition: the so-called creep refers to the occurrence of a gap in the cooperation surface of the imported SKF bearing; in the relative seizure slip between the cooperation surfaces; the cooperating surface of the attack creep exhibits a specular light or a dark surface; sometimes the page band There is a card injury and wear.
Reason: Lack of interference or gap cooperation. The tightening sleeve cannot be tightened.
Measures: Check the interference; perform the rotation stop method. Properly tighten the adapter sleeve. Study the accuracy of the shaft and the Swedish SKF bearing box. Axial preload. The side surface of the raceway wheel is fastened. Bonding cooperation surface. Apply a slip agent.
Burn injury status: the raceway wheel, the rolling body and the support frame are heated rapidly during the rotation until discoloration, softening, welding and damage.
Reason: poor smoothness. Excessive load (preload is too large). The speed is too large. The clearance is too small. The intrusion of water and foreign matter. The accuracy of the shaft and bearing housing is poor, and the deflection of the shaft is large.
Measures: study smoothing agent and smooth method. Correct the selection of bearings. Discussion cooperation, SKF bearing clearance and preloading. Improve sealing equipment. View the accuracy of shaft and imported SKF bearing box. Improve equipment method.
Electro-erosion damage: The so-called electric erosion refers to the current in the cyclical weight of the bearing race wheel and the roll of the touch of some movement, through a thin smooth oil film to declare the spark, its appearance shows some ground melting and embossing appearance.
Cause: The potential difference between the outer ring and the inner ring.
Measures: When setting the circuit, the current should not flow through the Swedish SKF bearing. Insulate the SKF bearing.
Rusting, corrosion damage: The rust and corrosion of imported SKF bearings have pit rust, tumbling rust on the external surface, all rust and corrosion.
Cause: Intrusion of water, corrosive substances (paint, gas, etc.). Smoothing agent is not suitable. Water vapor is attached to water droplets. It stops when it is hot and humid. The transportation process is heavy and rust-proof. The storage condition is not suitable. Not suitable.
Measures: Improve the sealing equipment. Discuss the smooth method. Anti-rust method when stopping. Improve the storage method. SKF bearing should pay attention to the application.
Equipment damage condition: An axial line-like flaw formed on the raceway surface and the rolling surface during operation and disassembly.
Reason: equipment, inner ring, outer ring skewing device when disassembled, impact load when disassembled.
Measure: Use the right thing to use the punching machine to avoid the impact load. The equipment is centered with each other.
Discoloration damage condition: due to temperature rise and smoothing agent reverberation, the raceway wheel and the roll body and the shelf are discolored.
Reason: Sleek and poor. The reflection of SKF bearing and smoothing agent forms a hot immersion oil. The temperature rises greatly.
Measures: Improve the smooth approach.

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