Chen Xiwen: The safety of genetically modified foods should be proved by practice

The second session of the National People's Political Consultative Conference held its second press conference today. Many CPPCC members answered questions raised by Chinese and foreign reporters on related issues such as "promoting scientific development." Regarding the concerns about the safety of genetically modified foods, Chen Xiwen, deputy head of the Central Rural Work Leading Group, said that the issue of genetically modified food safety should also be proved through practice. To date, there have been no cases of safety problems due to the consumption of genetically modified agricultural products. China has been importing genetically modified agricultural products, mainly cotton. In the coming period, China will inevitably import genetically modified agricultural products.

Chen Xiwen said that China has been importing genetically modified agricultural products for the past few years. China is also a relatively large country in the world for the cultivation of genetically modified agricultural products, but it is mainly in cotton, mainly not in food. China's imports of genetically modified agricultural products are mainly concentrated on soybeans. Last year, we imported 58.38 million tons of soybeans, most of which are genetically modified soybeans. It mainly comes from the United States, Brazil, and Argentina.

Imported soybeans are mainly used for two purposes. One is to squeeze oil, that is, the soybean oil and the blend oil that we eat are all part of the soybean oil. The cakes after oil extraction are the most important protein in the feed for aquaculture - the source of plant proteins.

Regarding the public’s concern for the safety of genetically modified organisms, Chen Xiwen said that the issue itself has a very strong argument in the academic world. The public is justified and the woman is reasonable. No one can get enough evidence to say that it is absolutely safe or absolutely insecure. Therefore, it should be proved through practice. Since the birth of human society, agricultural development has been to the present, we do not know how many new varieties of crops have been used, and new varieties are born each year every year. Human society is constantly demonstrating its safety through its own practice.

Chen Xiwen said: “At least until now, I have not heard anyone who has had safety problems because of eating genetically modified agricultural products. This has not happened yet.”

Regarding the importation of genetically modified foods, Chen Xiwen stated that China’s soybean production is 13 million to 14 million tons, but the demand exceeds 70 million tons, and soybeans alone must be imported in the future. In the coming period, China will inevitably import certain genetically modified agricultural products.

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