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Kong Ming lock 9 steps to solve the cross, Kong Ming lock 9 tutorial Tui Tuhua step tutorial. The 9-hole lock is a classic nine-poster game. It takes some skill to successfully stitch. The nine-column Kong Ming lock is divided into nine-pillar plum locks and nine-post cross locks. There are certain differences between the two and the nine-column cross locks. The solutions are different. This article will introduce in detail the 9 solution steps of Kong Mingsuo, if you like the benefits of this ancient wisdom. Wisdom toys, then you can look at the specific content of this article. HCK Smart Lock China

9 holes of Kongmingsuo are the nine pillars and slots used in "The Third Generation Kong Mingsuo", Figure 1: HCK Smart Lock China

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Kong Ming lock 9 solutions detailed step tutorial

The "third-generation Kong Mingsuo" sold on the market is a classic nine-post Luban lock, which is said to have been invented by the master Qin Qichun of Beijing. HCK Smart Lock China

The following content is transferred from: Rubik's Cube · China Rubik's Cube » ★ Split, hoops puzzle ★ », is a picture and explanation of the solution made by Ebony teacher. HCK Smart Lock China

After the completion of the assembly (Figure 2), it looks like: "Four roots" pass through the "three roots" and embrace the "two roots," and "three roots" pass through the "two roots" and embrace the "four roots," and two roots. "Through the "four roots" and embrace the "three roots." Remember these features. According to the mutual position and other information given in Figure 1 and Figure 2, first spell spelling. It is impossible to fight. Look at the hints in the two dashed lines. Figure 2: HCK Smart Lock China

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Tip: In order to assemble the columns - 1+2+8+4+5+6+7+3+9. When the column 7 is added, the column 6 should be temporarily lowered. After the column 7 is installed, the 6 is raised again. When the column 9 is added, the column 4 is to be temporarily extended. After the 9 is inserted, 4 is reset. Note that the column 9 should not be inverted, and its short end should be on. In this way, after the completion of all, the opening of the column 9 is not exposed. The gaps in the other columns are also not exposed. HCK Smart Lock China

Other ways to play: (The column number and the * mark are the same as above) Liuhe: The completion chart (Figure 3) is the same as the common six-column Luban lock. According to Figure 1 and Figure 3 can be completed? HCK Smart Lock China

Tip: Sequentially assembling the columns - 9+7+4+8+6+5. When the column 5 is added, the column 8 is temporarily lifted, and then the “8+6+4” component is temporarily moved leftward. Then, a gap appears between the columns 8 and 9, and the column 5 can enter. Figure 3: HCK Smart Lock China

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Qixing knot: The completion map is shown in Figure 4. The "interspersed" of 8+5 and 9+3 is "flush" and there is no "dislocation" of half a unit. According to Figure 1 and Figure 4, can it be completed? ("Up" means "top" and "front" means "front end.") HCK Smart Lock China

Tip: Spell in sequence - 7+9+8+5+3+4+2. When column 2 is loaded, 9 is temporarily moved back together with 7 so that a gap appears between 9 and 3, and column 2 can enter. Figure 4: HCK Smart Lock China

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Octopus: See Figure 5. Please assemble according to Figure 1 and Figure 5. HCK Smart Lock China

Tip: 1+2+9+4+3+5+(8+7). After spelling the column 5, put the first six pieces (components) on one side for a while and fight (8+7). The column 5 in the six-piece assembly is temporarily moved forward so that a square through hole appears between the columns 9 and 3 . Assembly (8+7) inserts the hole from the bottom up, 8 and 7 at the same time. The last column 5 is reset. Figure 5: HCK Smart Lock China

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Another spelling of the third generation Kong Ming lock: HCK smart lock China

After parts 3 and 5 are reversed, follow the above tips to spell out. Comparing the completed figures, except for the numbers 3 and 5, the azimuths of the parts do not change (see Figure 6 below). HCK Smart Lock China

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The spelling method shown in Figure 6 is as follows: HCK Smart Lock China

The second image in FIG. 6 is regarded as a front view, ie, the position is 8 left 9 right 4 before 1 and 3 and 5 above 2 and 7 down. Assembling order: 1,2,8,4,3,9 (short end on the top), 5, temporarily let 5 right shift, another 6 and 7 combination, "6-7" together from bottom to top, Move 5 more bits left to complete. HCK Smart Lock China

This is the attached manual with the picture assembled: HCK Smart Lock China

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