China successfully developed the first hydrogen fuel terminal tractor

After two and a half years of unremitting efforts, a few days ago, the hydrogen fuel terminal tractors designed and manufactured by Sinotruck formally went offline in Jinan. According to Wei Zhihai, head of the China National Heavy Duty Truck Group's new energy automotive project leader, China National Heavy Duty Truck started hydrogen fuel vehicle R&D in December 2014 and signed a cooperation agreement with a Canadian company. The first prototype completed assembly in May of this year. More than one month's full load test has been passed. "It can be said that this step we have taken in the field of hydrogen fuel vehicles has been successful." Wei Zhihai said.

It is understood that the hydrogen fuel traction vehicle adopts an increase program technology program, fuel cells as a range extender, according to the actual needs of the configuration of hydrogen bottles to meet a variety of operating conditions. The vehicle uses hydrogen gas as a fuel, and the power battery as an auxiliary system can be filled with hydrogen through a hydrogenation time of 3-5 minutes. The power battery almost eliminates the need for power supply, thus avoiding the problem of long-term charging of pure electric vehicles. Hydrogen fuel technology, as a technological alternative to traditional vehicles, pure electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles, is expected to refresh the existing industry landscape. (Reporter Wang Jianliang)

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