The water purifier only serves as a filtering function.

Household water purifier can cure beauty?

        City Health Supervision Institute experts said: only filter, large multi-function is Shantou

"         The water purifier solemnly promises: 3 days to effectively improve constipation, 7 days to improve metabolism, 15 days to effectively improve the digestive system, 30 days to effectively control blood pressure, 180 days to make your face look new..." This is a new water processor pair Commitment made by consumers. As people's demands for quality of life are getting higher and higher, the demand for household water purification equipment is increasing. The experts of the Municipal Health Supervision Institute said that the water purification processor only plays a filtering role and can cure diseases. Can be more than a gimmick.

Three types of filtering methods have different effects

        Ms. Sun, who lives in Nanhong Street, said that her family's tap water is a bit muddy and she has thicker scale after boiling, so she wants to buy a water quality processor. But now the water quality processor on the market is very diverse, and it is good to buy a good one, which makes her difficult.

        Visiting the market found that there are many people who have the same kind of needs as Ms. Sun. The sales of household water purifiers have been very popular in recent years, ranging from five to six hundred yuan to over ten thousand yuan. At present, there are more than a thousand kinds of wading products approved by the Ministry of Health in China. The huge number of household water purifier products on the market, together with the exaggerated advertisements, make many consumers feel "in the clouds" when choosing products. . Can scale water be used? What is the effect of household water purifiers? Li Xiaoying, an expert from the Municipal Health Supervision Office, said in an interview: “In fact, the city’s water supply quality has reached national standards, and scale is likely to be Due to the aging of the water supply pipeline, it is recommended to boil water for a period of time before boiling and drinking, which is good for health.” Li Xiaoying introduced that the water quality processor mostly uses different material filter elements to remove some impurity pollutants in the water, thereby purifying the water and removing the odor. the goal of. At present, the water purifiers on the market are mainly divided into three categories: microfiltration, ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis. Among them, microfiltration is a general filtration, generally only impurities can be removed; ultrafiltration filtration effect is in the middle, which can filter microorganisms, and reverse osmosis The membrane has the highest filtration precision, which not only filters out all the harmful substances, but also filters out the minerals and organic trace elements beneficial to the human body, which is actually not good for health.

        Can cure diseases, beauty can be mostly "steamed"

        High technology is a big selling point for household water purifiers. The reporter saw in the market that nano-water machines, magnetized water machines, small-molecule water machines, water-activated water machines, etc., slogans are basically "can resist aging, slimming beauty, improve immunity, high blood pressure, gastrointestinal disease Have significant effects..."

        Li Xiaoying said that due to the current health care health, many citizens have given birth to the superstition of "water function", but lack the correct identification ability and testing conditions. When purchasing such products, they are easily misled by false propaganda. Moreover, these new concepts, which are difficult for consumers to understand, often sell relatively high prices. A dealer of "high-energy magnetized water purifier" priced at 1,800 yuan told reporters that after the product treatment, magnetized water can be obtained, which can prevent and improve various functions such as acidic constitution and sub-health.

        Li Xiaoying said that the water purifier is a combination of various filtration methods in the process, but the purified water is “doing subtraction”. "There are some so-called mineralized water, weak alkaline water, functionalization and eutrophication of water to promote equipment, most of which are a kind of hoe." Li Xiaoying said that the Ministry of Health has never approved water mineralizers, activated water, Magnetized water, spectrum water, small molecule water, etc. There is no theoretical basis, strict verification method and scientific evaluation standard for these waters. There is no health care or medical function in the materials approved by the Ministry of Health and the health permit approval.

You should check the health permit approval at the time of purchase.

        If the public must buy and use a water quality processor, Li Xiaoying suggests: First of all, it depends on whether the product has a health permit issued by the Ministry of Health for drinking water and sanitation products, or a sanitary safety permit for importing wading products. In her opinion, the merchant must be able to provide the corresponding approval of the product, otherwise it is a non-conforming product, do not buy. Carefully check whether the product name and specifications on the approval form are consistent with the actual conditions. If necessary, you can log in to the website of the Ministry of Health.

        In addition, various filter membranes should be replaced periodically or periodically according to the technical information on the product of the Sanitary License. Under normal circumstances, the progressive filter element uses smaller pore size, the water flow is reduced until it is blocked; all kinds of cotton filter cores have a certain life span, the activated carbon filter core period is generally 12 months, and the ultrafiltration membrane life is 24 months. The permeable membrane has a life of 36 months. If it is not replaced or washed out, it may cause bacterial growth and cause certain harm to the human body.

        “Walk-related products include joint waterstop materials in contact with drinking water during drinking water production and water supply, plastic and organic synthetic tubing, fittings, protective coatings, water treatment agents, descaling agents, water quality processors and other materials and chemicals. Li Xiaoying said that according to the regulations, units and individuals that produce sanitary and health products related to drinking water must apply to the government health administrative department for approval of the product hygiene permit approval document, and obtain the approval documents before they can produce and sell. Production or sale of wading products without sanitation approval documents will be subject to severe administrative penalties.

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