The composition and characteristics of an open digital integrated management platform

With the deep application of security systems in all walks of life, the original simple anti-theft alarm system has been unable to meet the needs of modern management and application. Based on computer network, software is the core, through the exchange of information and sharing, combining their independent subsystems with complete functions into an organic whole can improve the level of system maintenance, management automation, and coordination of operation capabilities, open digital integrated management Platform came into being.

The so-called open digital management platform should be able to fully implement functional integration, network integration, and software interface integration. It can integrate subsystems such as alarms, access control, video surveillance, patrol, fire fighting, parking, environmental monitoring, and intercom. On the management platform, intelligent and stable security management is provided to the user efficiently and conveniently through the software protocol exchange among various subsystems.

Integrated Management Platform Architecture and Features

The composition of the integrated management platform is as shown in the figure below. It is the architecture of the open digital integrated management platform. As can be seen from the figure, the platform should be able to support various brand products and be able to communicate using multiple communication methods. Linkage, both to maintain independence, but also related to each other, for example, can be managed in the event of an alarm, automatically switch video images, automatically close the door, automatically enable the timer and other management functions, to maximize efficiency and automation.

The system structure security integrated management system is established in the network, there may be a number of sub-control centers, sharing the data of the total control, the sub-control equipment can be remotely controlled at the master control center, the status of the sub-control equipment can be viewed, and the data information of each sub-control can be obtained. These data information includes alarm events, arming, door opening, video image linkage, and so on.

In this way, the integrated management system of the network structure can be extended and expanded. It has openness and digitization characteristics and can be widely used in places such as prisons, campuses, modern factories, and large stadiums that need to realize modern security systems.


From the perspective of the development of security integrated management, the most advanced and most practical integrated management platform should have the following features:

Centralized Management Firstly, to integrate management platforms to achieve centralized management, the entire platform can perform global centralized centralized monitoring and management of each subsystem to improve the emergency response capability. All subsystems exchange data, have a unified management interface, set up interfaces, and control and linkage interfaces to manage the entire subsystem.

In the management of anti-theft alarms, the integrated platform should be able to resolve information such as alarms, withdrawals, and bypasses uploaded by the alarm host, and display them intuitively. Individual control or collective control can be performed when necessary.

For the access control subsystem, the state of the door can be uploaded through OPC, network, etc., and information such as illegal access to the card can be issued. When necessary, the command to control the electric lock can be issued to enable the opening, closing, locking or unlocking functions.

One-card management system can report the access records of all vehicles in the parking lot through OPC, network, and other communication methods. If necessary, the parking lot can be controlled to switch the barriers.

Receive all fire alarm information uploaded by the fire alarm system, and link the corresponding access control system and nearby cameras according to the fire alarm information.

In the centralized management, the serial command can be used to send linkage commands to the video matrix, the matrix to switch video images, the camera PTZ zoom zoom, direction, etc., and the linkage command can also be sent to the digital video management system through the network to achieve digital The video management system controls the video switching. In centralized management, it should be possible to implement the management of the sub-control system by the main control system, which can not only view the status information of the sub-control system, but also control the sub-control system.

The decentralized control in the decentralized control integrated system means that the entire platform system must be able to meet the access of different brands, and the subsystems work independently and decentralize the control and management.

An integrated management platform with certain research and development capabilities and good performance must be compatible with such international mainstream brands as Honeywell, BOSCH, and DSC, and not only include these brands. Subsystems that can be implemented include anti-theft alarm, video surveillance, access control, card, and parking lot. These subsystems can work independently and be controlled independently when integrated platform management. For example, the front-end anti-theft alarm subsystem can be disarmed separately. It is also possible to remotely control the door switch. Achieve manual, automatic integration, a more flexible way to raise the level of management to a new level.

In a large-scale integrated management system, there should be multiple sub-control systems. These sub-control systems can select the C/S architecture, assign information that can be managed and controlled locally according to the allocation of permissions, or be independent by forwarding. Manage data.

The system-linked open digital integrated management platform achieves unity by seamlessly associating its subsystems. The platform is based on the status parameters of each subsystem and realizes the correlation of subsystems. This can greatly improve work efficiency and make better use of the technical protection system.

In the integrated management platform, including the interconnection of alarms and access control, alarms and video, alarms and fire alarms, alarms and other event systems, this approach requires an integrated platform with a very flexible set of function access control, the following figure should be able to achieve Linkage function strategy management.

Optimized operation The open digital integrated management platform reflects its advanced part not only in its centralized management and decentralized control, but also in the platform's automatic processing function that enables the platform to provide automatic analysis and decision-making suggestions. The integrated management platform should be able to have automatic management, automatic printing, automatic backup and other management functions. It has multi-level electronic maps. When an event occurs, it can automatically link the map display, support a variety of map files, meet the needs of different projects, intuitive and convenient The data is processed to ensure that the system is in the optimal system operation. Optimized operation management also includes the ability to automatically export data to a format that can be additionally saved.

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