Shijiazhuang City, special equipment registration rate and strive to reach more than 99%

This year, the Bureau of Quality Supervision of Shijiazhuang will further strengthen the on-site safety supervision and special treatment of special equipment. The registration rate of special equipment will strive to reach over 99%, and efforts will be made to eliminate potential safety hazards of special equipment.

The Bureau will vigorously carry out on-site safety inspections of special equipment, and the on-site inspection rate of special equipment use units will reach over 80%. The on-site inspection rate of key equipment monitoring units, public places, residential communities and other special equipment use units will reach 100%, and all special equipment will be fully improved. Inspection rate, inspection rate of key monitoring equipment must reach 100%. Strengthen the basic management of special equipment safety supervision and strengthen the training of special equipment operators. The registration rate of special equipment must reach over 99%.

To carry out special treatment of special equipment safety, and focus on carrying out special rectification activities for boilers, elevators, gas cylinders, pressure pipelines, large-scale amusement facilities, hoisting machinery, cableways, and hazardous chemical companies in the use of special equipment for safety hazards, and to prevent special equipment safety risks . We will improve the emergency plan and emergency rescue mechanism, and increase the emergency handling capacity of special equipment. Strengthen the implementation of the “Special Equipment Safety Law”, continue to carry out special equipment safety knowledge into the community, enter the campus, and enter enterprise activities, continue to do a good job in the “safety production month” activities, and improve the awareness of the special equipment safety of the whole society.

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