Photovoltaic industry in the winter to spring, the overall recovery of Jiangxi enterprises

"Our orders have been placed in July and August this year, but due to shortage of labor, the current production capacity is insufficient." The person in charge of Jiangxi Ruijing Solar Technology Co., Ltd. is worried. In fact, the lack of work has become a common problem faced by photovoltaic leading enterprises in Jiangxi Province. A large number of PV companies such as LDK, Jingke Energy and Xuyang Reddy are currently recruiting a large number of them. According to industry analysts, the employment situation is a barometer reflecting the development of the company's operation. The photovoltaic industry in Jiangxi Province has already bid farewell to the "winter" period of three years, and the overall recovery momentum is obvious.

Lack of work into a business "trouble"

Recently, Mr. Wang, the manager of human resources department of Jiangxi Sinoma Solar Technology Co., Ltd., has been sticking to the front line of recruitment. "In addition to the most direct salary increase, we have improved our employees' living and working environment, and hope to enhance the attractiveness." He said that the company currently employs more than 700 people and has added 150 workers after the holiday. As the market picks up orders, the production line will gradually recover, and by then, the amount of recruitment will increase.

The Ruijing Solar Technology Company, which is located in the Economic Development Zone of Xinyu City, is even more exposed to the lack of work. At present, the company has sufficient orders, and the warehouse has basically no inventory. However, due to the shortage of labor, only 17 battery production lines have been started. According to the person in charge of the company, in order to meet the demand for a large number of orders, the company plans to open 17 production lines at full capacity in the near future, and is now fully hiring skilled workers.

The factory of Jiangxi Xuyang Reddy High-Tech Co., Ltd. has been producing at full capacity recently. The daily production of silicon wafers exceeds 1 million pieces. It is estimated that the production and sales volume in the first quarter of this year will increase by about 20% to 30%. However, it is also suffering from the lack of work, and currently seven positions such as equipment operators are recruiting.

According to the spring recruitment information released by the Economic Development Zone of Shangrao City, Jinke Energy has nearly 2,000 recruits, of which only 1,800 are recruited by component operators.

LDK Xinyu is one of the largest producers of wafers in China. Since last year, the production of wafers has gradually resumed, and more and more workshops have been restarted. The lack of work has gradually become a problem. The relevant person in charge of the company said that at present, the company's wafer division has more than 4,000 employees, and more than 500 people have been recruited since the beginning of the year, and there are still about 500 people missing.

The recovery trend of enterprises is obvious

“At present, the photovoltaic industry has shown an obvious overall trend of industry recovery. Most enterprises have begun to resume production, and the performance of leading enterprises has been stronger.” Qian Xiping, head of the New Energy Industry Section of Xinyu City’s Industrial and Information Committee, said that the city currently has There are more than 30 production photovoltaic enterprises, and the comprehensive operating rate has reached 50% to 70%. However, some leading enterprises have shown that the products are in short supply. The companies such as Savi LKD and Ruijing Solar are even rushing to order.

Qian Xiping said that in fact, as early as last year, the price of photovoltaic products began to rebound and rebounded. In the second half of last year, with the introduction of a series of national policies to promote the healthy development of the photovoltaic industry, it laid the foundation for the overall recovery of the photovoltaic industry. In particular, the rapid expansion of the domestic market has become a driving force for the resumption of production of photovoltaic enterprises.

"We are optimistic about this year's PV market, and we are going to increase the production of silicon wafers to about 60 million pieces." Song Yong, assistant general manager of LDK Wafer Division, said that the company is now producing at full capacity and producing silicon every month. The film of 50 million pieces is close to the highest level in history, but it still can't meet the needs of customers. The monthly gap is about 20 million pieces. In addition, due to the sharp increase in the price of silicon material, the LDK Mahon silicon material plant, which has been discontinued for nearly two years, is also scheduled to resume production in May.

The current order of Ruijing Solar has been scheduled for July and August. The relevant person in charge of the company said that the total sales of the company's battery chips increased by 166% last year compared with 2012, and the total sales of battery components increased by 137% compared with 2012.

In the last year, Jinko Energy began to turn a profit, and the leading peers recovered earlier, becoming the first Chinese component manufacturer to restore profitability. As of the end of last year, the company's vertical integration capacity of silicon ingots, silicon wafers, and battery cells reached approximately 1.5 GW, and component capacity reached approximately 2 GW.

Leading companies take the lead in recovery

According to industry insiders, although the overall industry recovery trend of the photovoltaic industry is obvious, there are still many enterprises that are inevitably eliminated. They are the first to stand up in the “cold winter” and are the first to awaken in technological innovation and market transformation.

“Although the photovoltaic industry is in the “cold winter” in the past two years, the technological innovation of the industry is very fast. The key to the recovery of a group of local PV companies such as LDK and Ruijing is that they are in technological innovation. Persistence." Qian Xiping said that many photovoltaic industries in Xinyu are undergoing technological transformation, and a number of old production equipment and production technologies have been eliminated. Enterprises that do not have such capabilities are naturally more difficult.

At the 7th Japan International Solar Photovoltaic Exhibition held on February 26, Jinko Solar released a new series of intelligent component products, which can significantly reduce one of the main factors causing component failure - "hot spot effect", which is realized in all weather Under the conditions, the effect of up to about 20% of power generation is gradually increased compared with the conventional products. Chen Keping, CEO of Jinko Energy, said, "This technological achievement will enhance the efficiency of photovoltaic systems and provide customers with clean energy options with economic effects."

The “National Photovoltaic Engineering Technology Research Center”, which is built on the basis of LDK Group, has just passed the acceptance of the Ministry of Science and Technology. This is the only national engineering technology research center in China's photovoltaic industry. This indicates that LDK has seized the commanding heights of the photovoltaic industry and mastered the technical discourse power of the photovoltaic industry. A large number of technological research and development results have been quickly applied for industrialization, and it has also helped the LDK to survive a difficult period.

Zhang Jingliang, executive general manager of Ruijing Solar, said that last year the company implemented some reforms in marketing and innovation, which enhanced the core competitiveness of the technology. The average conversion efficiency of polysilicon increased by 0.83%, the quality rate increased by 4.03%, and the delivery time was shortened by 67%. This laid the foundation for the company to turn "risk" into "machine".

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