Scientific application of phosphorus and potassium can prevent fruit tree diseases

The study found that phosphorus and potassium are the "good medicines" for fruit trees to resist disease. Rational application of phosphate fertilizers and potassium fertilizers can not only prevent physiological diseases of fruit trees, but also prevent infectious diseases. Many diseases of fruit trees can be alleviated by the addition of phosphorus and potassium fertilizers. For example, in an orchard with 25-40 kg of superphosphate and 5 kg of potassium chloride per acre, the incidence of fruit rust can be reduced, and its control effect is not lower than Bordeaux mixture.

The reason why phosphorus and potassium can control the physiological diseases of fruit trees is mainly because some physiological diseases are caused by phosphorus deficiency or potassium deficiency. Phosphorus and potassium can make fruit bark cells hard, and pathogens and viral diseases are not easy to invade. Phosphorus can promote the absorption of silicon by fruit trees, and enhance the disease resistance. After the application of phosphorus and potassium fertilizers, the stalks are hard and can resist the bad environmental conditions and effectively resist the infection of external pathogens. It is reduced accordingly. Phosphorus also promotes respiration and oxidation. When pathogenic microorganisms invade crops, they can produce certain toxins that poison the bacteria.

The addition of phosphorus and potassium fertilizers can also reduce the degree of water loss of diseased fruit trees and compensate for the loss of nutrients and water caused by pathogenic microorganisms, thereby improving disease resistance.

Although phosphorus and potassium are essential elements of fruit trees and disease-resistant "good medicines", they are not applied as much as possible. Excessive application of phosphorus and potassium fertilizers is not only a waste, but also has an adverse effect on the growth and development of fruit trees. If the tree is applied too much phosphorus, it can inhibit the absorption of certain trace elements (such as zinc), so that the root system is underdeveloped, the branches are reduced, and a lot of dead fruits are produced.

Therefore, it is necessary to apply phosphorus and potassium fertilizer scientifically according to the specific conditions of different fruit trees and different soils. Generally, it is more reasonable to apply 20-40 kg of high-quality phosphate fertilizer per acre, 7-8 kg of potassium chloride or 8-12 kg of potassium sulfate.

Source: Hebei Science and Technology News
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